Kefilwe Mabote embroil then Bae Edwin Sodi Has His Assets perceive

Kefilwe Mabote embroil then Bae Edwin Sodi Has His Assets perceive

Kefilwe Mabote has been sucked into the drama surrounding her bae, Edwin Sodi.

Kefilwe Mabote embroil then Bae Edwin Sodi Has His Assets perceive

The businessman has reportedly been linked to a tainted multimillion Rand asbestos audit contract, advanced by the Free State’s Department of Human Settlements in 2014, which projected an audit of 36000 low-cost homes within the province.

After some major corruption, Sodi was stripped off the bulk of his assets which amounted to approximately R300 million. This comprised quite 25 vehicles including a Ferrari FF which is priced at approximately R3 million. Amongst the various things seized from the person in question, was gifts given to Kefilwe from her man. consistent with public speculation, Kefilwe had handy over bags worth many thousands of Rands in compliance with the Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU).

The social media influencer is not any stranger to loving the finer things in life and has built her brand around her luxury assets and designer labels. With the introduction of Sodi into her life, her fans believed that he was the right guy for her seeing as if he was capable of living up thereto lifestyle. Now that he’s left empty, many are questioning what impact which will wear Kefilwe.

The reality star, Inno Matijane, has plenty to mention on the topic matter, tweeting, “Kefilwe was an influencer before influencing was a thing. People buy homes, cars, travel with social media money. Don’t undermine an industry because you don’t know much about it. Lol, not you guys making Kefilwe look weak without a person. You guys are always able to disapprove of black women and really undermine their potential. I’m not Kefilwe but I’ve made such a lot of money off social media, I can only imagine what Kefilwe makes working with luxurious brands.”

As her name topped the Twitter trends, the influencer continued to point out off exactly who she is, as she drove around in her Porsche, unfazed by the pandemonium that was happening within the social media streets.

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