Kelly Khumalo talks about gender-based aggressiveness

Kelly Khumalo talks about gender-based aggressiveness


We recently trapped with the musician.

What will most of the people be shocked to seek out out about Kelly Khumalo?

That I’m the shyest person you’ll ever encounter. What did you would like to be once you were growing up?

I wanted to be a psychologist and a lawyer – those are the 2 things I wanted to be.
What would you never be caught wearing in public?

A wedge shoe. I hate it.
What outfit in your closet does one wear the most?

I’ve recently realized that I’m wearing tons of black tracksuits and sweaters. That’s what I wear tons. Maybe because I’m unable to maneuver around and that I just want to be comfortable.

What’s the simplest gift you’ve ever received?

It’s an emerald neckpiece that a man bought me a few years ago, a man who was trying to inquire from me out. it had been an excessive amount of to be quite honest.

If you’ll switch bodies with anyone within the world, who wouldn’t it be?
No one but myself.

What’s the last item you are doing before getting to bed at night?

I thank God for all times.
Which is that the one song you’re embarrassed is on your playlist?

I don’t have any because I’m a musician and that I find music just beautiful. It doesn’t matter what it means, where it’s from.

What’s the worst purchase you’ve got ever made?

I don’t have one. I’m always very strict about what I buy. If I pip out, I actually want it.
What is the amount one destination on your bucket list?

There are tons of them. immediately I might like to visit Morocco.

You’re on death house. what’s your last meal?

I’ll probably have pizza. I’ve recently discovered that I really like pizza and that I love baking pizza.

What does one sleep in?

I like comfy pajamas, mostly silk.

You awaken as a crayon. What color are you?

Is there a gold one? I feel I’ll be the gold one.

What’s your favorite hang-out spot within the world?

I love hanging call at Maboneng due to that diversity and that I get to satisfy new people and that’s what I enjoy.

What’s your pet peeve?

I’m annoyed by tons of things. But one that has been annoying me recently is that the gender-based violence and therefore the killings against women.

What message does one have for the South African public when it involves gender-based violence?

There are tons to be said. There are tons of girls dying. I feel it’s time to act. If we’ve to pack up the country, let’s do this . an equivalent thing that we’ve applied to Covid-19, why can’t we apply it to gender-based violence? this is often a significant matter that we’d like to attend.

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