Khanyi Mbau And Lasizwe say goodbye to their father’s best times

Khanyi Mbau And Lasizwe say goodbye to their father’s best times

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza have taken to social media to share one among their last beautiful moments with their father Menzi Manu.

Khanyi Mbau And Lasizwe say goodbye to their father's best times

the 2 media personalities and their families laid their father to rest yesterday during a beautiful send-off.

Criticized for the way he handled the passing, Lasizwe was subjected to social media bullying once more. He posted snaps attending at his father’s funeral and every one the photographs he posted were emotional and were drenched tears.

Khanyi posted a video of her and her father Menzi Mcunu breaking it down at the dancefloor and left her followers grabbing tissues. you’ll tell that the person was an enormous fan of dancing and his presence lit the space.

The popular YouTuber found himself trending after the photographs he posted of him crying at his father’s funeral. He soon became a meme, with people saying he was seeking attention then he got it. His pictures were deemed inappropriate hence the heartless and mean comments.

“RIP Dad, till we meet again… tell my mom I said I’ll be okay, many thanks for raising dynamite!” he captioned his post.

Following the rude comments, Lasizwe slammed the people that were criticizing him and told them people mourn differently and he will mourn the way he chooses.

“Some people tend to forget we mourn differently and life isn’t a gaggle assignment. If I select to mourn on social media respect my wishes… social media yam le!” he declared.

Lasizwe has recently opened about his depression and announced that he would be taking a social media break to assist him to affect it. The social media break probably appeared like an honest idea because it may be a much-needed one to assist him to regain his sanity, but it had been a really short one.

His followers and other concerned social media users encouraged him to require a day off social media because everything he posts often gets scrutinized and he gets attacked for it.

He slammed trolls and advised them to hunt prayers due to their heartless and ruthless comments and bullying. “Some of y’all need prayers! I just lost my father for God damn sake!”
Khanyi Mbau And Lasizwe say goodbye to their father's best times
The entertainer and his famous sister Khanyi both announced the passing of their father Menzi Mcunu, whilst on a much-needed trip to the Western Cape.

The comedian revealed the news through his Instagram stories which he and his family discovered the news together, while they were still together on the trip in Cape Town. Thinking of that moment, Lasizwe went on to write down that, “One of the simplest weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.”