Khanyi Mbau proud of herself

Khanyi Mbau proud of herself

Khanyi Mbau proud of herself

Mzansi media personality and actress Khanyi Mbau always finds herself the topic of scrutiny whenever she posts an image to social media.

Khanyi recently spoke to papers about how she was a lost soul and depressed for 12 years, but she has finally found herself.

Khanyi said ” I used to be not myself for the past 12 years, my past was haunting me. I wont to run far away from my problems getting to nightclubs to drink my sorrows away because I used to be hoping things will get better”

If there’s anybody who knows a thing or two about skin lightening, it’s Khanyi Mbau.

Just a couple of weeks ago All4women posted a piece of writing about “Khanyi Mbau’s guide to ‘safely lightening your skin”

After all, she’s been doing it for the past 12 years and has the complexion to prove it.

Khanyi recently took to Instagram Live video, she said skin lightening are some things commonplace within the show business.

She said, “All your pop stars lighten their skin. they’ll not be as honest and open as I’m. 90 percent of your celebrities lighten their skin. it’s a part of the sport. Remember our game is different from your game, it’s a culture. it’s how we play. We don’t want to seem ordinary because we don’t live a standard lifestyle.”

She added that she doesn’t like wearing makeup tons and lightened skin looked better on set and on Instagram.

In the video, she tells women to embrace any beauty regime they’re proud of which being black may be a state of being.

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