Khanyi Mbau raises controversy with her vague emotional relationship

Khanyi Mbau raises controversy with her vague emotional relationship

Khanyi Mbau got tongues wagging when it emerged that she’s apparently romantically connected to alleged Zimbabwean fugitive and rich person, Kudzai Terrence Mushonga.

Khanyi Mbau raises controversy with her vague emotional relationship

In a now-deleted post, Khanyi shared snaps of her and Kudzai wanting all favorite up.

Even though the truth principal did not say abundant concerning the comfy snap, all arrows pointed to them being head-over-heels.

Comments from those about to Khanyi, together with her brother Lasizwe, conjointly spoke m words.

“Kwa, love lives here,” Lasizwe same.

Other business mates like Celeste Ntuli, Ntando Duma, and Dawn Thandeka King announce heart emojis.

Before creating things “Insta official”, Khanyi announce a series of snaps wanting to be smitten, however, blurred out the man’s face.

After Khanyi’s most up-to-date snap on Instagram, social media detectives instantly recognized Kudzai, WHO underneathstood|is thought} to be a part of the Zimbabwean “rich gangs” of men under forty WHO drive high-end luxury cars, party in SA by night, however, sleep in the capital of Zimbabwe within the wee hours as a result of they need access to personal jets, rented or in hand.

The story concerning however their cash is created is typical that they are in “fuel, gas, mining, government tenders or transport”.

According to TshisaLIVE’s Zimbabwean correspondent, the foremost outstanding of the “rich gangs” was the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure WHO died during a road accident with 3 others once his Rolls-Royce apparition hit a tree.

When asked concerning Kudzai being Khanyi’s new bae, a Zimbabwean WHO moves in made gang circles the same, “We square measure beat shock. What we tend to square measure hearing as his story is perhaps lies, except for Khanyi to entertain him he should have one thing solid in the African nation.”

Kudzai is additionally on the Zimbabwean police wished list. On Gregorian calendar month thirteen 2017 at age twenty-five, Kudzai, in conjunction with friends, Tatenda Mandimutsira of Dzivarasekwa a pair of in capital of Zimbabwe and Njabulo Nguni of Brook Village in Borrowdale, became fugitives of the law.

Their alleged crime was siphoning $166,000 (R2.4m) from a microfinance company when they allegedly baked bank statements associated papers purporting that they had an airline, Dream Air Company, that was later found to be faux. The alleged crime happened in September 2016.

Police representative at the time, assistant commissioner Charity Charamba, currently ambassador to the African nation, said, “These suspects square measure wished for a case of fraud involving $166,000, that occurred in the capital of Zimbabwe in September ten 2016.

“The suspects speculated to be workers of Dream Air Company, that is non-existent, and applied for a loan from the litigator WHO could be a registered micro financier.”

It is alleged that in their con they paid some installments to shop for trust, however, their luck ran out once they wished a further $37,500 (R550,763), and therefore the microfinancier determined to conduct a background check.
Khanyi Mbau raises controversy with her vague emotional relationship
They were in remission and appeared in court, however, skipped bail when being free from custody.

Detective Assistant Inspector Mandlenkosi Zhou dynasty, from the police industrial crimes division chargeable for the case, wasn’t pronto out there for comment.

However, police sources told TshisaLIVE the warrant was still active and there’s a notice that anyone with info ought to report back to the police national complaints table concerning the trio’s whereabouts.

Khanyi and Kudzai had not competent TshisaLIVE’s request to discuss the allegation against Kudzai at the time of business.

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