Khanyi Mbau strives to be a member of “The Black Girl”

Khanyi Mbau strives to be a member of “The Black Girl”

Khanyi Mbau is clearly a woman that’s focused on ensuring that she is grabbing headlines before the premiere of her BET hosted reality show by grabbing all the headlines by stirring controversy.

Khanyi Mbau strives to be a member of "The Black Girl"

The much-beloved personality formerly referred to as the “Queen of Bling” took a page out of Pearl Thusi’s page by attempting to use the matter of her complexion to shake the Twitter streets. Khanyi’s latest post featured the star-making it clear that she too belongs to the “Brown Skin Girl” squad. this is often despite her well-documented skin lightening journey, which she has been an advocate for before it even was a “thing” in South Africa.

For anyone that’s unaware of the controversy of the “Brown Skin Girl” affirmations by light-skinned girls, here is that the 4-1-1. Pearl Thusi, who is already not a Twitter fave due to her alleged affiliation with foreign (Nigerian) men, shook the streets months earlier when she asserted that she was a “Brown Skin Girl.” Tweeps aimed toward her with all guns blazing rebutting her that the Beyonce song was only meant for “darker” reminder black beauty, and not light-skinned women.

But clearly, Khanyi wasn’t deterred by the backlash endured by her counterpart. Khanyi took to Twitter and revealed what proportion the song touches her. She then added that “ To us brown skin girls worldwide!” And sussing the probability of being dragged took the primary nudge her complexion and the way she needs to be so fair by writing that, “Go argue with Jik please!”

The star not only made the post, but she took the time to deal with the comments that came her way. Mbau replied to most of the comments on the post. From the comments that attempted to tug her with malicious comments about her comments, to those from tweeps that applauded her no-nonsense stance. Eventually, the comments became people laughing together with her, rather than at her.

Khanyi ended the interaction by reiterating her stance that she may be a member of the “Brown Skin Girl” squad, despite any backlash she might receive for it. And upon awakening to ascertain that her stance didn’t yield backlash, Khanyi has focussed on spending her Sunday praying for rain. The personality suggested that her garden is currently affected by the shortage of rain her residential district has experienced. Now, we await the truth show to ascertain just how dry the garden is.