Khanyi Mbau talks about the inevitability of banning alcohol because it causes so much damage

Khanyi Mbau talks about the inevitability of banning alcohol because it causes so much damage

Reality television star and businesswoman Khanyi Mbau has urged the govt to think about allowing the sale of alcohol for a limited number of days per week to save lots of the liquor industry and therefore the livelihoods of its employees.

Khanyi Mbau talks about the inevitability of banning alcohol because it causes so much damage

“The reason that I’m raising this is often that it’s January, schools are close to reopening, there are families, folks that add the liquor industry that can’t return to figure, earn a living to support their families and confirm that their children attend school,” she said during a video posted on Twitter.

Khanyi, who is additionally within the alcohol industry and owns a gin brand, said she is worried about her employees.

“I am within the alcohol industry. I even have gin. What happens to my staff? What do I do to assist them to live their lives and have a far better 2021 that was better than 2020? I desire maybe we’d like to seem at another strategy rather than banning it completely, maybe have a couple of days open just to support the industry so people can live,” she said.

Khanyi also emphasized the importance of drinking responsibly to curb the spread of the coronavirus. She urged alcohol consumers to drink their homes, wear masks, and avoid gatherings.

“Drink responsibly. Consume your alcohol in your house alone and wear a mask. Wear a mask. Corona may be a thing because now we are costing families their income, kids won’t be ready to attend school, get uniforms and books thanks to the alcohol ban,” she said.

A recent report from the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital revealed that its trauma unit had no patients on New Year’s Day Day for the primary time in history.

Professional nurse Busi Ramafoko praised the govt for implementing the lockdown and temporary ban on the sale of alcohol.

On this, Khanyi said this proved that South Africans are capable of celebrating New Year’s Day without causing accidents. However, she also questioned whether this was thanks to the absence of alcohol or due to the strict curfew.

“That is great news. It means South Africans have gotten to some extent where we will celebrate New Year’s Day Eve without hurting ourselves or hurting people but now the question is: was it because enforcement was out, there was a strict curfew and no parties were allowed?

“I doubt that banning alcohol the day that the president spoke made all the alcohol disappear. I mean, people had alcohol in their homes.

“I’m pleased with you SA, you probably did well. No-one got hurt this December, no-one got hurt over the festive season but guys allow us to believe those families please, save their livelihoods,” she said.

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