Khanyi Mbau talks about those trying to arouse suspicion about her daughter

Khanyi Mbau talks about those trying to arouse suspicion about her daughter

Khanyi Mbau has taken to social media to call-out men who have rapist tendencies under women’s posts.

Khanyi Mbau talks about those trying to arouse suspicion about her daughter

The star is known for her skin, actually many have drawn to the conclusion that she was born with it. She has faced the wrath of keyboard warriors but she still remains tall.

The reality television star decided to ignite a conversation on Twitter with the aim of trying to seek out out why some men sexualize and troll women on social media, calling them weak.

“The level of abuse on Twitter is horrifying, I can only imagine what those without skin affect. the foremost alarming part is that it’s the lads that really troll women and sexualize everything. Have men become this weak?!! ” she tweeted.

A tweep tried to defend his gender by saying the ladies who throw themselves at these men don’t get an equivalent treatment because of the mean.

“When thirst traps are posted to lure equivalent men you’re silent because the ladies who’re posting at that point are taking advantage of it. this is often such as you saying rich men lure young girls with money as if some aren’t throwing themselves at them. Strange smh,” he commented.

Khanyi downplayed his statement by likening it to men who rape victims but blame them for his or her “misconduct.”

The tweet from Khanyi comes to a couple of days after she had publicly declared that she is prepared so far again, but there’s a particular criterion that’s needed: handsome and rich!

This didn’t sit well with tons of men who resorted to calling whilst throwing insults at Khanyi.

Khanyi was ready for all of them and came for the guns blazing. Insults were hurled at her but she fought back.

Khanyi has probably experienced this treatment of being overly sexualized, but it had been her daughter Khanukani who caught the warmth. She posted an image of her gushing over her child in class uniform. But that also didn’t stop men to fantasize over a 13-year-old.

Attempting to acknowledge Khanukani’s beauty, some men took it too far by sexualizing her and made disturbing and inappropriate comments; comments that aren’t fit an adolescent.

Considering how women and children’s safety is disregarded within the country, many ladies requested that Khanyi takes down the image of her daughter because it might pose a threat to her safety – especially because her schools’ information is vivid within the photo.

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