Kuli Roberts talks about her role as the s.e.x.y cougar in #TheQueen and her health scare

Kuli Roberts talks about her role as the s.e.x.y cougar in #TheQueen and her health scare

Sassy TV and radio personality Kuli Roberts (37) is nailing the role of s.e.x.y cougar Mildred in Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen. The mother of 25-year-old Warona is caught pants down together with her daughter’s boyfriend, Thato. But albeit they’ve been caught, she continues with the affair.

Kuli is enjoying playing Mildred. “I love her. She features a carefree attitude.”

MIldred and Thato

The 41-year-old character – with impeccable taste and a love for the finer things in life – loves wealthy and never lets a fashion fad pass her by.

“Mildred has an Instagram account which she updates regularly showing off her collection of purses , stilettos and cars. When she enters an area , she doesn’t go unnoticed,” Kuli says.

Kuli, who’s mom to India (25) and Leaun (23), says she enjoys acting “because i buy to be someone else”.

Kuli Roberts 2

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The lockdown hasn’t had an enormous impact on her life, the actress tells us, aside from taking extra health measures like wearing a mask and sanitising.

“Lockdown is like my life, I’m always home when not working,” she says.

Kuli recently had a health scare when she felt something sort of a lump in her breast, but she was quickly cleared by a health care provider.

Mildred and Thato 2

“I had a b00b scare. I assumed it had been a lump then I dragged my friend Doreen Morris to an oncologist,” she says.
 Kuli Roberts
But all is well, and she or he can’t await more acting roles.

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