Kwesta retracts that decision a moment you hasten it

Kwesta retracts that decision a moment you hasten it

Rapper Kwesta has decided to offer his fans something exciting to seem forward to the present coming festive season.

Kwesta retracts that decision a moment you hasten it

The rapper is returning to the club scene this weekend after taking a year-long break from it.

Judging by his tweet, the Ngud rapper is happy to be back within the club scene. Last year the rapper took a serious decision which impacted his career immensely when he announced he will not be working at clubs.

“Ending my club gig career this July…” he tweeted at the time.

Speaking to Move! magazine at the time, the rapper said, “I decided to prevent working at clubs because the clubs cannot found out the sort of show that I would like to offer. It’s too small to line everything up so I’ve decided to prevent doing those quiet gigs all at once. I would like to give everyone a show they deserve unless the club can provide that sort of setup,”

Perhaps his decision to travel back to the club scene is essentially influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown restrictions have prevented any kind of large gatherings, limiting the number of individuals to a particular number. Kwesta at the time of his retirement said that folks can catch him at many other events except clubs. He would perform at larger events because clubs were too compact.

With larger events restricted to certain numbers of individuals, clubs do appear to be the logical route to travel. Also, the people enjoy clubs therefore the Khethile Khethile rapper is seizing the chance.

“president ukulele, NAMI ngibuyile, asiben’busy. Catch me if you’ll this weekend (the president has opened, I am back, let’s get busy). Booking details on the flyer,” he announced.

Attending to his fan’s queries, the rapper said he’s going wherever the wind blows him. He also reckons that folks aren’t through with clubs.

Kwesta and his wife Yolanda Vilakazi just welcomed their second child together, Kenya Elihle Vilakazi on Martinmas 2020. The doting dad is the father of two beautiful girls. Their firstborn is Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi and is 6 years old.

Their daughter Kenya already has stalkers who created multiple fake Instagram accounts using her name. The mother, Yolanda is utterly disgusted by the act and asked her followers to report these accounts.

“My child is barely even every week old. Who told y’all I needed help creating a page for her? If I used to be getting to (which I absolutely wasn’t &WILL NOT ) I’m quite capable of doing it myself, ON MY TERMS, AS HER MOM. Habe Ukuphapha! Arugula! Super pissed,” wrote an agitated Yolanda.

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