Kwesta Wife expresses her fear for her children by anger at these actions

Kwesta Wife expresses her fear for her children by anger at these actions

Kwesta’s wife Yolanda Vilakazi, is that the latest mom to slam imposters who have created multiple fake Instagram accounts for her neonate.

Kwesta Wife expresses her fear for her children by anger at these actions

The couple’s daughter Kenya Elihle Vilakazi, who was born on the 11th of November 2020 already has 5 fake Instagram accounts under her name. Her mom caught wind of them and shuu, sis was very angry and decided to let her fingers do the talking.

Yolanda took to her Instagram stories and gave the imposters a bit of her mind. The businesswoman asked her legion of fans to report the accounts and questioned the imposters if they’re not sick to make accounts for a toddler who is barely every week old.

” My child is barely even every week old. Who told y’all I needed help creating a page for her? If I used to be getting to (which I absolutely wasn’t &WILL NOT ) I’m quite capable of doing it myself, ON MY TERMS, AS HER MOM. Habe Ukuphapha! Arugula! Super pissed,” wrote an agitated Yolanda.

The power couple announced that Yolanda was expecting in August, with a shocking and well-crafted photoshoot of their family and Yolanda’s baby bump clearly visible. She wrote, “And then there have been FOUR 🤰🏽… It’s been a short time since I posted but yup, It’s official, our little family is growing. We’re expecting!”

On Revolutionary Organization 17 November the then announced that their bundle of joy has arrived. Yolanda isn’t the primary mom to call out imposters, TV personality Minnie Dlamini who recently gave birth was recently flagging down fake accounts made using her son’s name. This follows after a fake account that had amassed 150k followers on Instagram made rounds on the platform.

Minnie and her hubby Quinton Jones welcomed their first child together and that they made the reveal after Minnie posted an image of Netha on Instagram. Minnie said her son doesn’t have social media accounts and he will probably never have them until he’s sufficiently old to try to do it himself.

“My child doesn’t and can not have a social media account until I say so. please, don’t follow fake accounts, and that I will not be posting any of his images as a result,” Minnie wrote. The presenter attached a red “fake account” tag to her post proving that she is fed up!

Another celeb mom who has experienced an equivalent problem is a TV actress is Jessica Nkosi. The television star also slammed fake accounts using her daughter’s name Nami Dlamini and told them to prevent it!

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