Lady Zamar Accused Of Stealing R52k From The Ministry

Lady Zamar Accused Of Stealing R52k From The Ministry

It looks like Lady Zamar is in serious trouble after her former driver alleges that she still owes him a complete of R52 542 for services rendered to her from 2018 till last year.

Lady Zamar Accused Of Stealing R52k From The Ministry

According to the Daily Sun publication, a person named Thabang Litsaone has been checking out the singer high and low, trying to urge what’s owed to him. Lausanne has now decided to approach the matter legally and has opened a court case against the singer.

“She told me they’d pay me for renting it. once they brought it back, the windscreen had cracks and therefore the back seat was damaged” he said.

Thabang is additionally alleging that his white VW Transporter T6.1 2017 was also damaged while he was on work however, he continued driving her around because he thought she’d pay him for the damages.

When Thabang reached bent the musician to enquire about being remunerated, apparently she told him that she needed to pay people and would pay him once she has addressed her more important matters but has now gone ghost on him.

“This went on for months until my wife decided to contact her, but Lady Zamar ended up blocking her and said she won’t pay me,” he said.

When Thabang appealed to the sheriff of the court, Lady Zamar was ordered to pay a further 10% with R31 400 to repair the windscreen and seat damages on the vehicle pertained when the singer used the car together with her manager.

Lady Zamar’s manager, Micheal Lebuse refused to discuss the matter because it had been still in court.

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