Lady Zamar skips the safety stage after the problems she suffered with her skin

Lady Zamar skips the safety stage after the problems she suffered with her skin

South African singer-songwriter, Lady Zamar, has shared a progress picture of her skin after a lover shared visuals of how they overcame acne.

during a Twitter post today, 8 October 2020, a lover partook in the “Where It started – Where I’m now” viral challenge and tagged Lady Zamar as someone who has also skilled an equivalent issue. The Collide creator thanked her fan for being so honest and brave, something which she has advocated for throughout her career.

She stated, “I went thru this acne phase so suddenly then publicly. it had been a multitude. So glad you’ve made it thru this horrible phase. I wish healing to everyone going thru this now.” She followed up with a selfie that showed her skin completely free of acne and glowing in natural sunlight. Earlier today, Lady Zamar also promoted self-love by tweeting, “You reminisce and realize what proportion you’ve survived… and you thank God for getting you thru. you’re enough. You’ve always been enough.”

Lady Zamar previously revealed her first acne breakout was at the age of 9 – claims her skin issues have affected relationships, friendships, and even her engagement on social media. during a statement from over a year ago, the songbird stated, “The very first thing that goes is your self-esteem. People expect me to be perfect, but the very fact is I’m not. I’m browsing the roughest period of my life with this acne,” she said. She had also claimed to possess sought treatment from professionals and shared a message of hope together with her fans. She defiantly added; “I’m never getting to hide who I am; regardless of what people say. it isn’t the top of the planet on behalf of me .”

The singer has been taunted on social media for her skin and in 2019, Lady Zamar hit back at fellow singer Babes Wodumo who shamed the Idols SA guest judge for having acne. The viral video caused outrage in Mzansi and led to calls to boycott Babes. Although Lady Zamar revealed she was deeply hurt by the clip, she claimed she didn’t need an apology from the gqom singer. She told Drum magazine; “What she said might’ve hurt me, but it doesn’t define me, we rise up and do better things, prefer to be better people. “If more people cared about being good people, the planet would be such a far better place.”