Lasizwe: Hide Your Brothers And Uncles

Lasizwe: Hide Your Brothers And Uncles

Lasizwe Dambuza has shared some thirst trap pictures of himself after causing havoc on social media together with his advice to oldsters on sexuality.
Lasizwe: Hide Your Brothers And Uncles

After the turmoil he caused on social media, he got dragged for nearly the entire day trending at favorite on Twitter. Sweeping everything under the rug, he posted pictures of himself with all his edges laid and rocking an upscale Mnisi sweater.

Tweeps were quick to tug him once more with tons of homophobic slurs thrown at him but the comedian wasn’t moved in the least .

“All i’m saying is hide your brothers and uncles!” he captioned his post.

Lasizwe continues to face tons of backlash after his tweets of him missing an ex lover giving the homophobic people chest pains.

“I am five to calling my ex…I awakened missing uNono – it wouldn’t have hurt just calling him right?” he tweeted.

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