Lesego Tlhabi opens the discussion on gender-based persecution

Lesego Tlhabi opens the discussion on gender-based persecution

Content writer and comedian Lesego Tlhabi has called out black men for having double standards when it involves gender-based violence (GBV).

Lesego Tlhabi opens the discussion on gender-based persecution

Coming from a more serious note than usual, the satirist took to Twitter and opened a debate after she claimed many black men apparently turn a blind eye to GBV but have tons to mention about racism.

In a thread that got many tweeps hot and bothered, Lesego said black men never play debater when it came to racism but suddenly change when it came to GBV.

She continued to reiterate her stance that violence against women continues to be a significant issue in SA because many men refuse to acknowledge it.

Frustrated by the extent of GBV in SA, Lesego said “It’s like SA is God’s dump for failed men” before urging them to “just do better”.

In September last year, Lesego found herself again standing up for her gender.

She did so by slamming involves black women to only wear natural hair.

While the hair debate in Mzansi raged on, the satirist weighed in about black women exercising their freedom of choice when it involves how they wear their hair, including not choosing natural hair.

This made these women seem to possess “confused identities” or be “ashamed of their natural hair”, consistent with the TL which Lesego denied.

She said: “Black women are so blessed to possess range, choices, and abundance in terms of hairstyles.

“How we elect to wear it, natural or not, is no-one’s business. We all slay whatever hairstyle we rock. This convo is an excuse for bitter women to shine with Hotep a**holes.”

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