Lesego Tlhabi strives to expose everyone who has a hand in the corruption of medicine

Lesego Tlhabi strives to expose everyone who has a hand in the corruption of medicine

Satirist Lesego Tlhabi has weighed in on reports that disgraced doctor Wouter Basson remains being referred to patients from Mediclinic within the Western Cape.

Lesego Tlhabi strives to expose everyone who has a hand in the corruption of medicine

Mediclinic came under attack in the week after it again emerged that Basson was working as a cardiologist.

His profile is listed on Mediclinic’s website alongside two facilities he “practices at”. Mediclinic said he didn’t have consulting rooms at its facilities but some patients visited him for consultations at his private rooms.

Basson is understood because of the mastermind behind the country’s secret chemical and BW project, Project Coast, during the apartheid era.

He was dubbed “Dr. Death” by local media when the small print of the key program emerged after apartheid rule ended.

Sunday Times reported that in 2013, a tribunal of the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) found Basson guilty of unprofessional conduct.

Acts he was found to possess committed included:

the production of deadly drugs and other substances to be used against “enemies” of the apartheid state;
providing substances to tranquilize victims of cross-border kidnapping; and
providing cyanide-filled suicide capsules for members of special units.

In 1998, Basson appeared before the reality and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to testify about Project Coast. The scientists allegedly researched ways to poison anti-apartheid leaders, sterilize black South Africans, and contaminate the water system with cholera.

News that Basson was “working at Mediclinic” sent many social media users into a frenzy.

However, Mediclinic said: “By law, doctors are independent practitioners and can’t be used by Mediclinic Southern Africa. We cannot prohibit HPCSA-registered doctors, including Dr. Basson, from practicing unless they’re prevented by law from doing so.”

Chief marketing officer for Mediclinic Southern Africa Biren Valodia told EWN that Basson doesn’t have consulting rooms at Mediclinic facilities but consulted from his own rooms.

“That’s where patients prefer to consult him. within the interest of our patients, we must respect each patient’s rights to settle on the acceptable medical professional to deliver the specified treatment at the power of the patient’s choice.”

Weighing in on the controversial saga, Tlhabi – known for her character Coconut Kelz – said if someone violated the Hippocratic oath, an oath taken by physicians, “to kill thousands of individuals just because he could”, that person shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine.

“He should be in jail at the very least. this is often such a disregard and a f*CK you to black people,” Tlhabi said.

Read Tlhabi’s full thread below:

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