Letoya Makhene’s wedding preparations quickly surprised her fans

Letoya Makhene’s wedding preparations quickly surprised her fans

Actress and singer Letoya Makhene has lifted the lid on what a whirlwind the past few weeks are and the way she was literally a fiancée for less than seven days before the marriage preps started.

Letoya Makhene's wedding preparations quickly surprised her fans

Letoya and her fianceé Lebohang Keswa got engaged last month then immediately started lobola negotiations.

Taking to Instagram, Letoya shared a couple of snaps of herself during a traditional dress with a caption that explained that every week after Lebo popped the question, Lebo’s family came to pay their respects to her family posing for her hand in marriage through lobola negotiations.

After having popped the question, Letoya’s bae Lebo revealed that getting approval from Letoya’s father then approaching her own uncle to assist with the lobola negotiations were a couple of her major moves.

Lebo shared on Instagram how it all went, starting together with her uncle who she claims interrogated her intensely.

“This is my uncle and he’s one among two remaining eldest uncles we’ve within the family. Today I had asked him for a gathering and told him I would like to urge married. I even have never been this interrogated in my life. My uncle may be a retired teacher and one of the sharpest men I do know. Just imagine me trying to elucidate to him that I would like to marry another woman,” she said.

Lebo added that her uncle had skilled the difficulty of teaching himself about sexuality and therefore the choices she had made in her life and had embraced and supported Lebo.

“He learned tons about sexuality and my choices in life. He said he’s only ever seen this stuff on TV but now it had been very on the brink of home and he embraces it. He’s a really loving and understanding man, therefore the meeting went alright,” Lebo said.

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