Lindiwe Dikana is Nomonde’s evil stepmother.#TheRiver1Magic

Lindiwe Dikana is Nomonde’s evil stepmother.#TheRiver1Magic

The River viewers are waiting in anticipation for the instant when Lindiwe lifts the veil on Nomonde and Vero’s antics, including making the family believe Nomonde had been kidnapped.

Lindiwe’s insight alerted her from the get-go that Nomonde’s return had ulterior motives written everywhere it. Nomonde is drowning in debt, so she and Vero came up with an idea to urge her out of that situation. the sole problem is that they underestimated Lindiwe’s intelligence.

It didn’t take Lindiwe long to understand the sport Nomonde was playing but her hubby Zweli, on the opposite hand, is convinced that Nomonde will die if they don’t pay the R6m ransom the abductors have demanded in exchange for Nomonde’s life.

Meanwhile, fans had no choice but to stan a queen who won’t allow herself to be played. They found themselves standing even harder when Lindiwe told Zweli to his face that she was uninterested in pretending she cares enough about Nomonde to spare such an outsized amount of cash.

The River fans live for Lindiwe’s “IDGAF” moments and that they can’t wait till she finds Vero and Nomonde and deals with them for taking her family for a ride.

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