Lungisa Xhamela is afraid of getting the order of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Lungisa Xhamela is afraid of getting the order of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Lungisa Xhamela is afraid of getting the order of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

He might not have won Idols SA when he entered a couple of years ago, but Lungisa Xhamela is certainly making his mark in music. The velvet-voiced singer recently proved persistence pays off when he won a South African Music Award (Sama) for his debut album, My Heart To Your Soul.

“When I heard I used to be nominated I used to be over the moon realizing all the diligence has been recognized,” Lungisa tells us. “It was a tremendous feeling.”

Even though he was delighted to be nominated at the most important music award ceremony in Mzansi, Lungisa didn’t know he’d won the simplest album Sama until friends and family called to congratulate him.

Unlike previous years, the awards ceremony was streamed live thanks to the national lockdown. “I didn’t even watch the show as I used to be busy performing on my upcoming single,” he tells us.

“When I got home that evening, around 10 pm, the show had just ended. I received numerous calls and that I fell to the ground and began crying uncontrollably,” he adds. “I was overwhelmed with a rush of emotion.”

A few days after his big win, he still pinches himself. “I am still in awe of this recognition by the Samas because I do know what proportion diligence I put into my album. It feels so great to steer away with this award. It’s scary and humbling.”

Lungisa, who was born in Butterworth within the Eastern Cape, maybe a pastor’s kid who grew up in several parts of the country. His family moved around tons as his father, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, spread the word.

“When I won, I chuckled over a few arguments online debating where I’m from,” he jokes. “People were claiming me left, right, and center. it had been quite amusing to witness.”

He’d always dreamt of a career in music, so three years ago he moved to Johannesburg where he entered Idols SA. albeit he was the primary guy to be voted out of the highest 10, he says the show opened many doors for him.

“Idols is watched by millions, so I used the momentum and hype to propel me forward. I started releasing songs and performing everywhere. I even had a successful country tour in 2016/17, that also included Botswana.”

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Part of the reason why I’m becoming more successful in my career is because of the support structure around me. Reason why things weren’t moving post Idols I believe was because of me. The fame had gotten into my head, making me neglect the closest people around me. I had plenty of money. Plenty of “friends”. And huge social status. All these came at a time I wasn’t ready for them. I slowly started drifting away from my closest people. When I lost everything I found God. Or He found me. He told me to start afresh. Forgive yourself. Humble yourself. Go and mend those broken relationships. I did exactly that. I started reconnecting to some family and friends I had forsaken for fame. People who helped me get to where I am. I started to be concerned about other people’s lives. Caring and supporting others. I removed the fake facade of “celebrity status” and started engaging more with friends and family. That’s when the support structure started growing. I feel more genuine love right now from people who want me to succeed. I’ve lost all the “friends” that were around post Idols fame. I regained my social status by losing who I was. God works in ways you cannot see. All you have to do is trust Him. Listen when He talks. You know that voice? Yep. That’s Him. Heed the call. I might not have mended all the broken relationships along the years, but I’ve done exceedingly well so far. And that is evident in the amazing support structure and love I’m receiving. You gotta love to be loved. You gotta respect to be respected. You gotta support if you want to be supported. ❤️ I want to acknowledge everyone who has been supporting me. I mean everyone! I do not take for granted all you guys have done for me. My dream and mission is clear as day. I got big plans! 🙂 But that’s a story for another day. 😄

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In 2018 he released his debut single, iLove Letter, which was successful with fans. Last year Lungisa, who is signed to Gallo company, hit the studio to record My Heart To Your Soul.

His debut album, he says, is inspired by love. “All the experiences I even have about love, I chose to write down and sing about all the good it’s given me.”
Lungisa Xhamela is afraid of getting the order of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

He could also be R&B’s newest sensation, but he says there’s something for everybody in his album. “I went all out, exploring different sounds, switching it up from R&B to soul, from soul to deal with, from house to gospel. beat all, keeping the love theme throughout.”

Fans are going to be thrilled to understand he will soon release Mina Nawe, a replacement single off his album. “I believe it’ll do rather well because it is catchy, commercial and straightforward on the ear, which is ideal for radio.”

When he isn’t within the studio recording new music, you’ll find the 29-year-old worshipping at church. “It’s an enormous a part of my life,” Lungisa says. “So much in order that I’ve become a pacesetter within the praise and worship team at New Age Tabernacle Church. Worshipping has strengthened my voice to levels that other genres won’t have.”