L’Vovo dislikes blacks’ tolerance of white people

L’Vovo dislikes blacks’ tolerance of white people

Musician L’Vovo Derrango has once more ruffled a couple of feathers together with his controversial statements and South Africans are unimpressed.

L'Vovo dislikes blacks' tolerance of white people

As a proud advocate for #PutSouthAfricans, he has dedicated to employing a lot of social media influence on shedding light on societal issues affecting the country and his people.

Now, the musician decided to slam the exact same people he fights for and called them out on their love for the White race, saying they need to be affected by some kind of ‘mental damage.’

Replying to a tweep who shared her frustration at how black people “Kiss the ground” White race walk on, L’Vovo also saw this as a chance to vent.
“Black people are damaged mentally! there’s nothing they love quite the folks that hate them!” he commented.

This is only one of the many topics he has spoken passionately about but didn’t stop there. He also mentioned that the basis for all or any racism is the lack of wealth within the black community. “Racism stems from money! If you’re poor you’ll always be subjected to ill-treatment. If you win the economic war you’ve got won the race war! Our people should leave everything else and fight for economic freedom -that’s where true liberation resides!

This made him revisit a conversation he had with followers where he said the necessity for love or approval from the White race is blinding blacks from radically equalizing the economical field.

The musician then corrected himself after realizing his ‘ignorance’, “Life taught me excellent lessons. Everything I assumed was ‘it’ or mattered to me suddenly disappeared. I see success differently now! There are more important things than simply having extra money for myself. Success means nothing if my brothers and sisters are poor!” he proclaimed.

If you’re a fanatical L’vovo fan then you would possibly have noticed he has not released any music. He has spoken out recently and revealed the rationale he has not been active when it involves his music.

A fan asked him why he has not released any music which the industry misses him, he simply said he cannot sing properly because he’s very concerned about what’s happening within the country

“I cannot sing when my spirits aren’t high! I even have hits with numerous SA artists I’ve recorded and kept. I won’t release them. we’d like to repair this country first alternatively the country is going to be gone permanently if we do not wake up!”