L’vovo: preparing for hard work

L’vovo: preparing for hard work

Human Trafficking has been a trending hot topic for days now and Mzansi wants some major change to be implemented.

L'vovo: preparing for hard work

a couple of tweeps are angered at the shortage of noise celebrities are making towards this criminal act that puts women and children’s livelihoods in peril. L’vovo Durango, who has started his fight to place South Africa first, is extremely much involved during this topic and advises SA to prevent Tweeting and begin acting.

A few months ago, the musician has dedicated his time and brought the advantage of his platform to teach and spread awareness on social issues that affect South Africans. Despite L’vovo’s efforts at shining the sunshine on these issues, he was labeled xenophobic, however, clarified that he’s not, but he cares more for his country.

“We love our neighbors. We are true Africans! But let’s fix local issues first n eradicate unemployment then we will help our brothers! If you’re during a boat with people that can’t swim, u 1st save yourself & then go rescue others! this is often pure logic! SA 1st that’s where I stand!”

This time, he’s slamming the govt and people politicians who are very silent on human trafficking.

“Good morning South Africa. The time for action has arrived, tweets are great but we’d like to start out acting. All our problems are often fixed if we just unite and tackle them together. We are all we got, not politicians will save u, no pastor or anyone besides the US! we’ll WIN!!!

“How do of these trafficked people leave the country? No passports or Visas. Do u realize that we are handling a way more organized syndicate than we thought?” he questioned.

Yesterday L’vovo wrote a daring Tweet that read, “We can’t sugarcoat the reality. MOST Nigerians during this country are heavily involved in criminal activities! That’s a fact! I’m not Xenophobic. But at some point u will realize this, by then it’ll be too late!

“Every Nation that desires secure heaven for a crime: Destination South Africa. Europeans, Chinese, Somalians, Nigerians, etc all have businesses n are richer than locals! This doesn’t make any sense to me! Until we prioritize locals, this country is headed downhill,” he wrote.

Lerato Kganyago engaged within the human trafficking discussion saying women should protect one another in the least costs and be wary of famous celebrities who are capable of spiking their drinks when on a girl’s night out.

She also expressed her deep concerns as South Africa is on, consistent with her, the “Tier 2 Watch list” for human trafficking. She has also slammed the govt for not doing anything to guard children who are trafficked daily.
L'vovo: preparing for hard work
“South Africa is taken into account to get on the “Tier 2 Watchlist” for human trafficking. a minimum of 1,000,000 kids has trafficked annually. Our government isn’t doing enough…Believe it or not, South Africa has officially become a source country for Human Trafficking and it’s getting worse!” she said expressing concern.

“Every hour a toddler or woman goes missing! Some are lucky to flee, most never make it! HUMAN TRAFFICKING IS REAL! Thousands of girls went missing during the lockdown, MOST haven’t been found yet,” she wrote