L’vovo will stop its new offers in cooperation with the SA crisis

L’vovo will stop its new offers in cooperation with the SA crisis

L’vovo Derrango has continued his fight to defend the plight South Africans face every single day. He continues to voice out his concerns and warns people to awaken before it’s too late.

L'vovo will stop its new offers in cooperation with the SA crisis

If you’re a fanatical L’vovo fan then you would possibly have noticed he has not released any music. He has spoken out recently and revealed the rationale he has not been active when it involves his music.

A fan asked him why he has not released any music which the industry misses him, he simply said he cannot sing properly because he’s very concerned about what’s happening within the country.

“I cannot sing when my spirits aren’t high! I even have hits with numerous SA artists I’ve recorded and kept. I won’t release them. we’d like to repair this country first alternatively the country is going to be gone permanently if we do not wake up!”

The musician who has given us many hits over the years began to voice out his concerns an extended time ago and continues to try to so with none fear of any repercussions. His recent tweets involve citizens to awaken.

“Something is occurring in South Africa that folks aren’t aware. Those with eyes which will see beyond the rainbow already know there is a revolution brewing… People are poor. you can’t mislead people forever!

“SA is ignoring the grievances of South Africans! Something is brewing… It’s getting worse every day! hear your people!” he tweeted.

Even with issues like human trafficking, L’vovo remains vocal.

“Good morning South Africa. The time for action has arrived, tweets are great but we’d like to start out acting. All our problems are often fixed if we just unite and tackle them together. We are all we got, not politicians will prevent, no pastor or anyone besides the US! we’ll WIN!!!”

He even acknowledged how easy it’s for such operations to happen when the country has cops also as soldiers who protect borders.
L'vovo will stop its new offers in cooperation with the SA crisis
“How do of these trafficked people leave the country? No passports or Visas. does one realize that we are handling a way more organized syndicate than we thought?” he questioned.”

Earlier in the week police minister Bheki Cele said the national outcry against human trafficking may be a publicity stunt, many voters weren’t happy and Rami Chuene put him on blast.

“Ndosi should have gracefully declined to return as police minister. He’s drowning. the shortage of action on #GBV issues, human trafficking, etc. portray him together who’s lost touch with the protection of the country and its citizens,” she said.