Mabotja is excited waiting for her beautiful baby

Mabotja is excited waiting for her beautiful baby

Former Metro FM DJ and actress Relegobile Mabotja revealed earlier thereon her family is expecting their first child.

Mabotja is excited waiting for her beautiful baby

Specifically her brother KK Mabotja and sister-in-law Dima Mabotja. She revealed that the baby is going to be her parent’s first grandchild and that they are eagerly awaiting its arrival within the family. She shared snaps from the baby shower through social media.

“We’re having a baby!!! Can’t wait to satisfy our little princess. My brother @kkmabotja123 and sister-in-love @dima_mabotja are blessing us this year with our parent’s first grandchild and that we couldn’t be happier! She is already loved and that we can’t wait to satisfy Baby Mabotja.”

Relebogile’s sister-in-law, Dima Mabotja recently had her first baby shower which was heaven-like. She shared a number of the snaps from the special day through Instagram.

“Popping by to point out the glow 😂🤩 and to only declare my gratitude to God. 2020 has been an adventure. Ending November on a grateful note. Grateful for love and support from family and friends”

Relebogile Mabotja’s father recently turned 68-years-old. Relebogile shared exciting news through social media.

The radio personality recently launched her new show which is out there on YouTube. It’s called Unpacked With Relebogile Mabotja. It launched in November 2020.

“My new baby!!! Unpacked with Relebogile Mabotja… Have missed this sort of talk and eventually get to try to do it… @unpackedshow starts next week on my YouTube channel. subscribe link in Bio. So excited to finally share this with you.”

In September 2020 she was named by The Mail and Guardian in their Top 200 South Africans under the humanities & Entertainment category.

“Being included during this year’s Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans list is extremely humbling and that I couldn’t have asked for a far better thanks to marking my 35th birthday and 17 years within the industry. I’m grateful that my parents and therefore the people that raised me are attesting to the fruits of their labor, as they shaped me to be the lady I’m today,” Said Relebogile Mabotja.

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