Mabutho and Tumi, one of them is happy to have captured the other – the river

Mabutho and Tumi, one of them is happy to have captured the other – the river

The telenovela is one among the most-watched shows on South African television, after every episode the show trends soon, with a well known and experienced cast, this comes as no surprise.
Mabutho and Tumi, one of them is happy to have captured the other - the river

The River features a veteran cast comprising of a number of the foremost experienced within the industry, like Hlomla Dandala, Sindi Dlathu, Presley Chweneyagae, and lots of more, its no surprise that even other celebrities watch it.

Tumi and Mabutho are joking for weeks now, their secret affair has even begun to be suspected by Lindani and Lindiwe, who is played by Lunga Shabalala & Sindi Dlathu respectively. At some point, Lindani even suspected and accused Zolani of sleeping together with his wife because they need a history together but little did he know that the culprit is closer to home.

Despite being caught once by Andile, and Lindiwe’s growing suspicion that she not loves Lindani, she was even offered an opportunity to divorce but Tumi just couldn’t escape Mabutho’s charm and desirability. Lindani, who is Mabutho’s cousin, has been busy fighting to save lots of his marriage because he believes they still have a fighting chance. Meanwhile, his cousin has been back-stabbing him on numerous occasions because he can’t keep his hands off Tumi.

Unfortunately, their steamy affair had to return to an end at some point, they were finally caught slipping and walked into an area filled with people. Tumi tried her best to elucidate what was happening, despite walking out of her bedroom with another man. The shock, however, came when Mabutho demanded to clear the air and set things straight.

Just a couple of words to his cousin were enough to form things clearly and possibly end Tumi and Lindani’s marriage, the shock on everyone’s face was priceless.

It seems Tweeps don’t really blame Tumi for being overpowered by lust, tons of women agreed that they too wouldn’t be ready to resist the charming “Mabutho”. From his cute dimples to his imposing character and authoritative presence, they think he’s what a true man should be, something Lindani isn’t.

“Hey, Mina I do not blame Tumi shame… I’d do an equivalent thing… check out Mabutho guys.

“#TheRiver1Magic Mabutho is everything that Lindani isn’t that’s why Tumi is hooked, Lindani o weak even his voice is annoying, kodwa ke Mabutho’s voice has Authority akudlalwa”

“Mabutho may be a man yherrrrr no wonder Tumi fell for him, Lindani is that the younger version of Lala #TheRiver1Magic”

“#TheRiver1Magic I would like to be at the receiving end of whatever Mabutho wants to try to to to Tumi. I’m just putting it out there”
Clearly Mabutho maybe a snack and Tweeps are ready and willing to be in Tumi’s position, we will not wait to seek out out what happens on a subsequent episodes.