Makhadzi Promises fans A LIT New Album

Makhadzi Promises fans A LIT New Album

Limpopo musician Makhadzi recently revealed that she is going to release an album soon. The talented musician who captured the hearts of the many people together with her banger Matorokisi, promises to line the bar high again.

The Queen of Limpopo danceroom music has become a force to be reckoned with within the local music scene. Her performances constantly leave many in awe, as she delivers her impeccable artistry.

Makhadzi said her upcoming album is going to be flames. The singer took to Twitter to tell her fans that Africa will love this album.

Makhadzi has recently snubbed a SAMA nomination. the distinguished awards were slammed for not acknowledging her while she features a tremendous year in 2019.

Taking to her social media Makhadzi expressed her disappointment in being snubbed by saying.

“Congratulations to all or any SAMAs said for not being recognized after what matorokisi did to AFRICANS last all my fans I submitted everything is simply that ndinga ndoneta tshinyama.. Your love and support matter.”
Makhadzi Promises fans A LIT New Album

Makhadzi didn’t let this to bring her spirit down and said she looks forward to releasing her new album.

“It is unfortunate that nobody borrowed me confidence, and respect towards my fans, iam sure the owner would be jealousy by too much i can not wait to drop my album #kokovhaalbum next month,” she captioned an image .

Makhadzi who during a relationship with Master KG recently broke up with him. Master KG revealed this on social media by saying ““Me and Makhadzi parted ways months ago … to specialise in our careers. We are still young and that we still got to achieve big things. (We) hope everyone understands and respects that. i’m not getting to answer anything associated with this. Thanks,” said Master KG.

Makhadzi replied and said “Indeed it’s true, it’s come to an end, our relationship. Kindly respect our decision.”

In a “Podcast and Chill with MacG,” which premiered on Thursday, 27 August 2020, Makhazi recently detailed her journey to stardom and the way her former manager’s male friend allegedly sexually abused her and it had been her first sexual experience.

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