Makhadzi shocked her fans with this outrageous dress

Makhadzi shocked her fans with this outrageous dress

Limpopo Musician Makhadzi stunned fans with an image of her in a cyan-blue bikini.

Makhadzi shocked her fans with this outrageous dress

The musician shared snaps from her recent visit to Cape Town and might we add, she looked stunning.

Makhadzi decided to require an opportunity and relax at the beach after a performance within the mother-city. On Instagram, she posted the gorgeous picture and lots of fans were left green with envy seeing how banging her body is.

Her glow-up is perhaps inspired by her hack from her famous ex-boyfriend Master KG who she worked with on her debut album. But she didn’t want people to understand, saying it had been rather unfortunate that it had been made public.

“It’s always an honest thing to figure with him because when I and him collaborate it’s all about talent. He has his own talent and that I have mine and that we understand one another and everything we touch becomes successful, and he’s the sole producer whom I desire we understand one another .”

“The only thing I also want and that I wish could happen just that it didn’t happen the way I wanted, I only want people to understand Makhadzi for her performances and music besides my personal issues but because people already knew about my relationship there was nothing I can do but my wish is for them to understand about my music only.”

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