Makhadzi talk about her Master KG: How she make him satisfied and pray for more

Makhadzi talk about her Master KG: How she make him satisfied and pray for more


She’s firmly secured herself as Limpopo’s queen of danceroom music. Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, hasn’t let the grass grow under her feet, even during the lockdown. The Muya Wanga singer just turned 24 and is grateful for her health and booming career.

“I knew I might at some point make it, but I didn’t think it might come so soon. I’m happy to be healthy and alive, especially during this coronavirus pandemic,” she says.

Makhadzi is currently performing on her 16-track album, Kokoba, but she’s unsure of the discharge date.

“Kokoba means to bop in Tshivenda. After lockdown, I would like people to kokoda hard.”

The record features the likes of Mampintsha and Just Flavour, who she has been a lover of for over 15 years. she is going to also feature an upcoming song by DJ Zinhle.

“I can’t wait to figure with DJ Zinhle. I really like collaborating with different people,” she says.

She’s been dating KG Kgaogelo Moagi (24), better referred to as Master KG for a few times. Asked once they met, they both seem unsure of the year.

“We had known about one another for a short time. I had my song Tshand a Vhuya at the time, but I used to be more popular within the streets than radio,” Makhadzi says.

He had his single, Skeleton Move featuring Zanda Zakuza, playing on almost every station and Makhadzi was wanting to work with him.

“I was within the studio when she came through,” he says. “She asked that we collaborate on a song and that I agreed because I liked her sound. The longer we spent together, the more I fell crazy together with her,” he says.

“I didn’t think we might find yourself dating,” Makhadzi adds.

Since then, Makhadzi and Master KG made seven songs together. And within the process, a romance bloomed. “We decided to form our relationship official in 2016,” she says.

“I just fell crazy together with her originality and authenticity. regardless of what percentage fans she has, or how big she becomes, she always remembers where she comes from. She may be a highly motivated person and she or he is filled with respect,” Master KG says.

Makhadzi talk about her Master KG: How she make him satisfied and pray for more
“I love the dedication Makhadzi has for her craft,” he adds. “She is usually motivated. She is usually on time and never misses each day of making within the studio. That encourages me tons .”

Makhadzi has even as much adoration and respect for her man. She says she loves how committed he’s to his career and life generally. “He makes time for the connection and time for his music. And he’s very professional and family-oriented,” she says.

The two want to create a musical empire. “But we aren’t rushing to urge married and build a family,” she says.

“Whatever happens, it’ll be God’s time,” he says. “We first want to create our dream as individual artists then work as a partnership.”


Makhadzi has just released her new single, Sugar Sugar.

“The song says to women, ‘Be sweet to your man and he will stick around. lookout of him and your relationship will flourish’.”

Which is strictly what Makhadzi is doing for her partner. “I give him sugar everywhere,” she says with amusing.

She keeps her man happy by cooking his favorite meal – rice and chicken.

She hasn’t yet introduced him to her family and is in no rush to try to so.

“We are African. You don’t just take a man home to satisfy your parents,” she says. “When the time is true, they’re going to meet.”

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