Malicious plots take place from behind Khanyi Mbau and Pearl Thusi

Malicious plots take place from behind Khanyi Mbau and Pearl Thusi

Khanyi Mbau sat down with Pearl Thusi and delivered a really detailed interview on Behind The Story with Pearl on BET.

Malicious plots take place from behind Khanyi Mbau and Pearl Thusi

Part one had tongues wagging as Khanyi addressed the various controversies that surrounded her life from being a lass dating an older man and getting impregnated by him.

A revelation that left the host Pearl stunned was when she learned how she got into the industry. Pearl discovered that her making it big was thanks to Khanyi’s supposed downfall when she got canned from Real Goboza.

Khanyi Mbau laid it all when she talked about her rocky relationship together with her father and the way the love was absent in her life, which causes her to find it at the hands of another older man, Mandla Mthembu.

Mbau’s relationship with the daddy of her child was highly publicized and when things started getting rocky with him being abusive, the 2 dominated headlines. She still cares about him and needs him to be apart of their daughter Khanukani’s life. Speaking more openly about their relationship, Mbau said, “I turned his appreciation and admiration into love.”

Apart from being a devotee, she found in him what she couldn’t find in her father, so their relationship was a win-win. pertaining to that Christmas story, Khanyi clarified that it had been not a canopy up which Mandla indeed wanted their child, who he thought was a son, to change state after his birthday which is on the 24th of December. “He would beat me, kick me and throw me down the steps,” said Khanyi at the time hence why she went into early labor. She was due in February subsequent year.

She knew that they were over the minute he struck her, saying his inner childhood fears of failing in life and landing back to poverty, were the rationale for his violent behaviors towards her.

Then moving all along to her relationship with Tebogo Lerole, where the couple had been together for about 10 years then ending, only to urge back together again, Khanyi said she never saw a future with him and therefore the incontrovertible fact that they never had a toddler proved that.

“Dating toxic citizenry that has money and doesn’t know who they’re is mentally draining, I used to be to some extent where I didn’t want so far rich men anymore,” Mbau added that Tebogo had patience in order that is how they got involved. consistent with Khanyi Tebogo broke her heart in order that is why they never lasted long.

“I wouldn’t have married him, if I wanted to marry him we might have a child by now. we’ve been together for 10 years, it’s very rare for people to be together for 10 years. you’ll imagine what sort of sex they’re having to not have a toddler,” she said.
Malicious plots take place from behind Khanyi Mbau and Pearl Thusi
A shocker was when Khanyi revealed how her second ex, after Mandla did her dirty once they broke up. Khanyi spoke a few friends of hers who rubbed it in her exes face that Khanyi landed employment at the SABC for Real Goboza which she was getting to be doing great things for herself. Mbau then revealed how the ex-lover sabotaged her big career move by leaking her nudes which landed her in predicament with the broadcaster who then called her to tell Khanyi that she was off the show.

This made way for Pearl Thusi who was next in line and made her big break within the industry. Pearl and viewers were shocked at this revelation but Khanyi kept it cool and said there have been no hard feelings.

Catch part two of this interview on Wednesday at 22:00 on BET channel 129.