Marang Molosiwa is sad about Zibo Bantsi’s shocking departure

Marang Molosiwa is sad about Zibo Bantsi’s shocking departure

It has been quite a month since the passing of Botswana born social media star Zibo Bansi. The YouTuber may are gone, but she leaves behind a string of unforgettable memories.

Marang Molosiwa is sad about Zibo Bantsi's shocking departure

Those who were on the brink of her still remember her. Entertainer Rea Kopi took to Instagram today on 27 November 2020, to recollect Zibo Basti. Taking to her Instagram stories Rea reflected on how Zibo was in bliss after launching her own production company.

She said she was looking forward to collaborating together with her, as a girl with media companies.

“This entire week I’ve thought of you so much! I used to be excited once you opened your own production company. I used to be looking forward to us collaborating together as #GirlsWithMediaCompanies. as I’m going back to the drafting board, restarting old and starting something new. I feel of the last conversation we had. Your pure heart and childlike faith that just “does it.” Even when afraid, really encourages me to only choose it,” she wrote.

Marang also posted Zibo’s picture in her Instagram stories, and with the caption “BediGang” amid a butterfly.

Zibo Bantsi, gave up the ghost on Thursday, 1 October 2020, after experiencing complications whilst parturition to their daughter. Zibo was put into a medically induced coma shortly after the birth but sadly didn’t make it.

The social media star was survived by her daughter, Azha Nthati Bantsi who she left within the care of her partner, Frost Legato, and mother Sami Bansi. during a heart-wrenching social media post recently, Frost opened about handling the loss of his partner.

Zibo’s baby daddy Frost Legato recently opened about the explanation for Zibo’s death and revealed that Preeclampsia claimed her life.

Preeclampsia may be a disorder caused by high vital sign women experiences during their pregnancy. The musician retweeted a video of a lady who had just born after having complications with preeclampsia. the lady gave birth to her twins and that they are all well.
Marang Molosiwa is sad about Zibo Bantsi's shocking departure
Frost has been updating his legions of fans on how they’re coping and he recently thought fans are now uninterested in hearing about his daughter but they said they’re not.

Commenting on his recent post, a Twitter user who goes by the handle of @womaninflux wrote, “Never. we will hear it all day a day for the remainder of our lives. Even when she is grown and out of the house. Keep telling us how awesome she is. and the way much you’re keen on her. Tell her too, she is going to never get uninterested in hearing it.”

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