Masasa Mbangeni talks about her relationships with business friends

Masasa Mbangeni talks about her relationships with business friends

Masasa Mbangeni has opened about how uncomfortable certain questions asked by curious fans leave her and has urged these women to prevent posing such questions.

Masasa Mbangeni talks about her relationships with business friends

The former Scandal! the actress posted an image of her and fellow co-star Siyabonga Twala during a theatre show, which then sparked a series of invasive questions from her female followers, who wanted to understand if the actor may be a good kisser.

This leads the actress to discipline her followers by warning them about such questions saying they sound rapey and uncalled for. She also added that Siyabonga is sufficiently old to be her father so she respects him.

“Hayi sisi, this man is sufficiently old to be my father! Also, we were at work. I wasn’t there to assess that,” she said.

Seeing nothing wrong together with her question, the follower continued by saying his age bracket is her type. Masasa wasn’t condemning her predatory question and told her that ladies cannot expect to possess separate rules from men.

“This tweet sounds rapey. Cima mutase cima! Can’t have separate rules for them and us,” Masasa responded.

There has been an outcry from female actresses who expressed how they felt violated sometimes due to the male co-workers who would sexually offend them during a way that might often leave them unsafe. Masasa wasn’t close to doing an equivalent to a male actor and said she cannot make him feel violated.

“Please don’t inquire from me if the lads I work with are nice kissers. I don’t know but something sounds rapey, opportunistic, and high key predatory that kind of rhetoric. I can’t demand safe sets and even be answering such. Integrity to me means your word congruent with your actions,” she commented.

This is not the primary time she has addressed issues like this. Masasa answered a burning question from one among her inquisitive followers who asked if actors get aroused by intimate scenes on-set or not.

As an individual who has experienced such, Masasa said it might be violating an individual if that were to happen.
Masasa Mbangeni talks about her relationships with business friends
“That would be harassment. We discuss intimate scenes and block them with the care, safety, and precautions needed so all feel safe. So, no. No-one gets turned on,” she said.

Sexual violation situations surrounding entertainers aren’t new. Lorraine Moropa opened about being a victim of harassment from a senior actor on Lithapo. Unfortunately for Lorraine, she couldn’t reveal the name of the actor due to legal reasons. But all fingers pointed to Mangaliso Ngema.