Master KG talks about working positively so that negative energy is expelled from the site

Master KG talks about working positively so that negative energy is expelled from the site

Internationally acclaimed musician Master KG is undoubtedly one among South Africa’s most talented and successful musicians at the instant.

Master KG talks about working positively so that negative energy is expelled from the site

Master KG has managed to be at the highest of the pop culture’s ladder. The musician continues to receive recognition even from world-renowned artists across the world, proving that he’s hot property, and he’s stopping at nothing making his boss moves.

It is no secret Master KG has carved out an inspiring music career. the way during which he goes about delivering his artistry has catapulted him to a rare seat at the table, within the realm of music.

The Jerusalem hitmaker recently had a talk with ZAlebs, about his soaring music career and shared deets on his upcoming projects.

The Limpopo native says he’s living his dream, after years of working tirelessly hard to create a career in music. He says he’s pleased with flying the Mzansi flag high.
“I am over the moon – my dream became reality, I need to say that as an artist from Limpopo I’m proud to represent my people and not only people from Limpopo but people from all of Africa,” he says.

Master KG’s projects like Situation and Skeleton Moves turned him into a household, but his blockbuster Jerusalema featuring Nomcebo Zikode has gained him popularity even across the world.

The musician says he couldn’t have chosen a far better time for his success because the timing is ideal now.

“Being an upcoming artist isn’t easy so when my success came I had made music that I had my faith in the explanation for the work I put in.”

His track Jerusalem has become a worldwide hit and it continues to spark an outstanding global dance frenzy across the planet. As we recently celebrated Heritage Day the country’s president Cyril Ramaphosa, endorsed the Jerusalem challenge and Master KG says he didn’t think his song was getting to be big.

“Honestly I even have no words to elucidate and that I never saw it coming but what I can say is that God is amazing, ” he says.
Although he has achieved many things Master KG says abandoning and coming artists an opportunity is on the brink of his heart.

Master KG’s Jerusalem has been a chart-topping song on playlists in over 10 countries and it’s garnered over 170 million views on YouTube. The musician who recently flexed a replacement whip on social media didn’t want to discuss whether he’s securing the bag more as more people continue to stream his music.

Instead, he says: “It means God is exposure .”

Following the success of Jerusalema his legions of fans are asking whether he will release a replacement project or not but, the international star told ZAlebs that he is going to be dropping a Jerusalem Deluxe album soon.

“People can expect to listen to more good music everywhere, I’m dropping my Jerusalema Deluxe album soon so I will be able to be honored to introduce the planet to more music.”
Master KG talks about working positively so that negative energy is expelled from the site
Master KG says Nomcebo and him will still rock. This follows after some accused him of exploiting the Xola Moya Wam hitmaker, but he has chosen to mize the negativity.

“Me and Nomcebo we still gonna rock and that we won’t allow bad energy to require that away. ”

The musician recently bagged 5 nominations at the distinguished African Muzik Magazine Award (AFRIMMA) after being snubbed here reception, and he says being nominated again may be a great honor.

“AFRIMMAs have always recognized me and for being nominated again after winning last year I’m honored to be nominated again and more than when .”

Master KG has been asking Twitter to grant him the blue verification as his imposters are now hard at work creating fake accounts. He says he’s still applying for verification.

“I’m still trying since they closed the verification forms it’s just taking forever and other people have started creating fake accounts using my name”

The musician says so as to remain relevant within the industry he will still produce great music and collaborate with other musicians.