Michelle Mimi Amuli mourns her friend Moana


Michelle Mimi Amuli mourns her friend Moana

Michelle Mimi Amuli mourns her friend Moana

I hadn’t talked to my friend in months. She was now during a serious relationship and naturally, we both drifted, she wanted to guard that space together with her new man, I also wanted to respect that space. I mean, I wouldn’t want any male friends hanging around my wife too.

I first met her during the lockdown, 27 April 2020, to be exact. Before that being friends with the newssa1 establishment, i might just see her fabulous fitness pics in newssa1 WhatsApp groups and infrequently a number of our editors would write on her. Most of our readers loved her breathtaking, gorgeous yoga and fitness pictures. Naturally, I requested one among the iHarare team members specializing in social media management to perhaps search her number and perhaps do an interview.

She naturally acquiesced to the newssa1 request. I then got her number from the establishment and being the groupie that i’m , especially enchanted and enamored by her crazy work ethic, we started chatting. I had been struggling to urge started with my fitness regime despite having a fairly well-equipped gym reception . an area musician who is my neighbor and a really good friend(still good friend) at that point was then like, “Ah Mudhara today lockdown iyi, let’s lift the weight”. I agreed, we roped within the caretaker, but to make sure we got off to the proper start and would get maximum gains possible quickly, I told them, i would like Moana to be our trainer.

I called her and told her, “I want you to be my trainer, what proportion does it cost?” She said “Dude, ndinodhura (Dude, i’m expensive).”

Turns out her fee was acceptable to me and that i paid upfront. She added an additional condition: “You need to pick me up, or give me fuel.” I had recently acquired a BMW convertible which was the source of my pride at that point . I gladly accepted it. the primary day I picked her was a Monday. I borrowed my brother’s Range Rover during a bid to impress her. I mean, they assert first impressions make all the difference, isn’t it? So I picked her up within the Range. It wasn’t those latest ones, but I had hoped to form a really good impression, so you’ll imagine my chagrin when she didn’t say anything-in her typical cavalier style I came to like about her- about what i assumed to be a really majestic car. i used to be more wounded by the very fact that once I need to her place, a really expensive-looking Mercedes was parked in her driveway thus dampening the thrust of my mission.

My hopes were to be raised, however, once we finished our first workout, which was excruciating by the way. once we finished our first exercise, still hung abreast of my mission to impress her, I then said, you recognize what, the Range Rover is now low on fuel(a lie obviously), let’s take the BMW to urge you home. it had been parked within the garage, so she hadn’t seen it. She loved it and she or he shared my love for cars. As we kept interacting, an unexpected camaraderie developed between us. In some ways, we were one. Later on, during our workouts, we might exchange cars, briefly, of course. She would drive mine, i might drive her Mercedes and that we would have such a lot fun. Sometimes we might attend Chicken hut and other eateries where she would shoot her commercials and that i – ever coy about the limelight-would slither into the terraces as she would do her thing. She really was a talented actress. Her TikTok was always fire.

Our friendship progressed quickly. I had just begin of a relationship with someone I had really planned to calm down with and that i was on a touch of a bender/escapade. So on a Friday night ( we might only workout together Monday Tuesday and Thursday) I got really bored and texted, “Yooh dude, what’s happening?” She replied, “Nothing much, we chilled reception having a couple of drinks.”

I told her i used to be bored to death reception and asked if I could join and she or he said, “Sure, but bring a bottle of Champagne. I went and purchased it by Alex, ku njanji uko, that thing is dear yooh. Anyhow, she specified, ” Veveu Cliquot Rich Rose, I don’t drink anything . ” Being a male child , I wondered why this was so, but afterward I understood. I wont to think Champagne tasted horrible, bitter. Having grown up within the rural areas, i’m not so “woke” when it involves a number of these upmarket things, alas I had been buying the incorrect Champagnes. Rich Rose, tastes delicious but I digress.

So I drove to her place, and for the primary time, i feel in fortnight approximately since we had been training, she let me into her house. She did hesitate. i feel she just wanted to grab the bottle and run but figured this guy needs a touch of company, seeing as i used to be in some ways still hung over my failed relationship. So she said, “I don’t usually invite people into my house because people become so judgemental and everything, especially clients, but we are friends now so i assume it’s Ok”

She had a very nice place, she introduced me to her friend and auntie(mainini), Lin and Helen. They were also very warm and friendly to me, she popped the bottle, and that we all started having the Champagne. Honestly, it had been my first time, to possess Rich Rose. I mean whenever I (would) make some surplus take advantage my humble endeavors I try the great things as how of treating the agricultural boy in me. I once bought Moet, which was some bitter sensation on my tongue but oh my! Veveu Cliquot Rich Rose tastes like heaven. I can understand why all the large boys say that’s what they only drink.

I love digressing sorry. We drank and drank then she was sitting on her sofa doing an Instagram live video, so while sitting with Lin, we had instantly clicked too. I then got a thought to say(inspired by a scene within the movie Killing Gunther) let’s shoot a live video of her live video. Lin, her ally , loved it and that we started filming her. She was in her evening wear and most of the people who followed me on the Facebook platform i used to be broadcasting the video on, loved her ravishing beauty, her graceful looks, and the way merry she was. She realized we were up to some no good and came to us, admonishing us, “what are you naughties up to?” Then we told her, we are making a live video of your live video! She loved it and cut her Insta video and that we had an impromptu party, we all danced, that they had this big ass radio, the sort that those American gangster rappers appear carrying in their Youtube videos.

We had such a lot fun then did the viewers. Eventually, we got tired and by 1 am approximately , I said my goodbyes and drove back home. I hear tons of nasty accusations about Moana being whatever, but it never was my experience. Absolutely nothing untoward or inappropriate happened that night despite how it had looked to a number of the viewers who thought we might have an orgy that night. To be frank with you, this was probably one among the simplest nights I ever had in my life, especially considering my strong rural background.

I have had some lucky breaks in life, i’m certainly no saint, been in pubs, sometimes gracing questionable establishments in my younger years, I even have traveled to different countries some outside Africa, and would occasionally search for some innocent pleasure. I never got it, but that night, I felt good. These guys are my friends, yes hot friends needless to say , but I had a really warm feeling in my belly, i used to be so happy, nothing untoward had happened just pure fun, drinking champagne(is that thing even alcoholic) dancing and merrymaking.

Later on, I roped in my brothers and a couple of more female friends and that we would do, games night. I had never really done drinking games and people Truth or dare games. I did try a touch in South Africa during a marriage reception once with my cousin but a number of the parents we had there have been dumb as rocks and or solemn like priests and it wasn’t fun, but at Moana’s house, we had such a lot fun playing these games. we might all alternate asking one another lightly embarrassing/mischievous questions and what glee we had. I remember her aunt, she was uptight and would always prefer to drink which invariably led to her trumpeting (vomiting).

Over the subsequent weeks, she continued training me, but we had become almost family. She would tell me her story, how she came from nothing, and hustled her high . How she had been in abusive relationships that almost cost her her life in terms of depression. How she had been body-shamed to the gym by her ex. we might exchange notes, but she was proud that she was on her high and she or he was confident she was getting to make it, especially her acting career.

We need to hang together with her daughter tons . Very intelligent girl Tyra, she asked me for my phone and as i used to be giving it to her, I punched in my pin code and next time i used to be there, she just grabbed my phone and began playing games, she had figured the Pincode. Moana would reprimand her, don’t take people’s phones. But i might be like, “No i’m the one who gave her, she features a head for numbers this one, maybe she is going to be an engineer or Actuary”. She loved her daughter and would tell me, i will be able to give her what I didn’t have. i feel the baby was doing ballet, fitness too and a few other “English extracurricular” my head is just too slow to understand .

Over time the lockdown restrictions were loosened and she or he started getting busier and busier with new contracts coming in, Nash Paints, Chicken Hut, and so on. She started having issues maintaining with our training, so I told her o to not worry about it. I had become self-sufficient within the fitness arena. My musician friend, the caretaker, and that i were now serious and dedicated about lifting the weights. We had an amicable parting. Sadly, we didn’t see one another much since then. We had been seeing tons of every thanks to the training.

Here and there we might meet up as a gaggle , have our takeouts, and so on, but we started drifting. We had had an honest run and that i think we had gracefully accepted the inevitable eventuality. just one occasion we visited visit her with my boys. All my boys wanted to satisfy her and would beg me to require them to her. She was that alluring. in order that day she stepped bent take a call and that i was such as you , WhatsUp and she or he was like eish, i’m during a serious relationship now and that i am compensate Whatapp, I don’t want temptations. I even have a robust reason to believe it’s the connection that culminated in her engagement.

I then told myself I have to let her go as a friend we have to end this friendship so her relationship can be uninterrupted. I had also found love as well, so we were both lucky I think. One day I did wake up missing her, I called Lin (her best friend) and told her to tell Moana that I missed her and that they must visit me. They came together and we hung out for like an hour. We rarely hugged or had any physical contact except when we would spar or she was adjusting my form during a workout. But that day, I asked for a hug and she gave me a long one and we took pictures, I guess our last pictures.

Since then, till the tragedy struck, we didn’t have any direct contact. She was in a good place with her fiance or is it, fiancee, these things confuse me. I sent my congratulations through Lin for the engagement as well as birthday wishes.

The next thing, because I am close and a friend of the newssa1 news establishment some folks know I always have the “latest”, I am waking up to a text message from my cousin, “Boss, is it true Ginimbi and your friend Moana are dead?” It was around 9am. Instantly I dismissed it, “Fake news, you know people love spreading fake news on WhatsApp,” I chided him.

Then I opened my WhatsApp messages, then the newssa1 Newsgroups and there it was….

I don’t know how I really feel about the whole matter. Death is really hard to process, especially one so close and young. I am still numb. Perhaps, I will regret writing this unofficial obituary. I think maybe friends must defend each other, tell the untold story, especially in absentia or when the other one is incapacitated. Perhaps I have no right, I honestly don’t know.

So many are besmirching her, all sorts of nastiness, she was this she was that…I mean we are all evil in someone else’s story, aren’t we? But that’s not the Moana I knew, the Moana I knew was a very warm, kind, generous, and loving friend. A dedicated mother, a passionate fitness trainer, that’s how I will remember her always, that’s the image that’s always going to be ensconced in my head.

Maybe as a parting note, to everyone, I just wanna ask, “Why do we focus so much on others sins, as if we don’t sin ourselves, as if on judgment day God will ask us about the sins of others instead of ours”