Mihlali Ndamase’s talking about her private plane video.

Mihlali Ndamase’s talking about her private plane video.

Social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has cleared the air on that post that saw her hit the trends list this week.

Mihlali started trending on Twitter after she posted a video where she is seen walking away from a private jet with a designer suitcase and jacket.

Although the jet’s door is open, the engine is covered in a red engine cover and so are the aircraft’s pitot tubes.

The post was accompanied by “This is how I pull up baby” as the caption.

Twitter user @Sochangane responded to Mihlali’s video saying: “Pitot cover and engine cover means the plane hasn’t flown in 24 hours (and) has been parked for a while. But I’m just being technical”.

Many tweeps also asked where Mihlali was going to or coming from since only essential domestic travel was permitted under lockdown regulations.

Others felt that there was no need to pretend for clout.

Mihlali eventually let tweeps know that she did not own the private jet and that the jet was part of a shoot, so she was in fact, not using it for travel purposes.

When a tweep said “at least you own a jet”, Mihlali responded saying, “I don’t own a jet bhuti”.

When fellow social media influencer and reality television star Lasizwe responded to her post, Mihlali said: “You should’ve come shot with me”.

See their exchange below:

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