Minnie Dlamini has not specified when she will be born yet

Minnie Dlamini has not specified when she will be born yet

Minne Dlamini shook the web today when she posted an image of her post-baby body.

Minnie Dlamini has not specified when she will be born yet

The TV presenter recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy quite every week ago but her body is all kinds of flames.

Netha Makhosini Jones’s mother broke the web after she posted a snapback photo of herself. She captioned the photo, ” uMama kabana long? #SnapBack” which translates to ‘Whose mother is this?” alongside a tongue-out emoji.

Her son’s name, “Netha Makhosini Jones”, is an ode to Khosini, who would is a proud uncle to his nephew. Minnie’s brother, Khosini Dlamini sadly lost his life in September 2019 after spending weeks in ICU.

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Mrs. Jones left people spellbound when she posted her recent picture on IG where she is wearing a brief blue and mustard dress, paired with gorgeous stilettos. Her hair and makeup are additionally on point of completing the design.

Many of her industry mates couldn’t find the right words to precise the thoughts happening in her head, but others were left surprised at her body transformation.

Minnie had once tweeted after the birth of her baby, her fortune has definitely increased. After the birth of Netha Makhosini Jones Minnie explains that she has been granted more opportunities, and has credited her son to be her lucky charm.

The new mom claimed that 2021 is certainly looking prosperous, as new career ventures became available to her. She also committed to hustling harder as a working mother, so as to form sure that her baby has the life he deserves.

She stated, “I swear my child arrived with blessings from the opposite side. Kantha izinhlanhla ngempela (It definitely is raining blessings). So excited about what the New Year brings, it means I even have to figure twice as hard but I’m able to show my son what I’m made from and make him proud!!!! What’s your motivation?”.

Minnie Dlamini has not specified when she will be born yet
The media personality is loving every moment of motherhood but admitted that it’s a tough job and isn’t for the faint-hearted. She acknowledged that she had Netha’s grandmothers to assist her call at the primary few days, but gave major credit to her hubby Quinton.

She stated, “Mad reference to all parents doing their best at raising their kids. This experience is not any joke!!! So blessed to possess such amazing support, my moms, and above all my amazing husband (I could cry at how great he’s with the kid) Nothing great ever comes easy.”

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