Minnie Dlamini is happy to see her parents again


Minnie Dlamini is happy to see her parents again

Mommy-to-be Minnie Dlamini is taking it easy following the doctor’s orders and that we are pleased with her.

Minnie Dlamini is happy to see her parents again

The TV presenter recently went on a road trip to Durban, to go to her parents, following making an announcement that she is expecting a baby. Minnie is understood for her sizzling content and when she does something she makes bound to pull out all the stops.

In a post on Instagram, she revealed that she couldn’t fly to eThekwini because she had to require some safety precautions implemented by her doctor. She said her doctor advised to require a road trip to the town and she or he pulled call at style.

Minnie who scored a partnership with Jaguar traveled together with her whip.” My doctor told me I’m not allowed to fly, so a road trip to Durban it’s I can’t wait to ascertain my parent,” she wrote on Instagram.

The starlet also posted another snap of her taking a walk which was suggested by her hubby Quinton Jones, who claims she is getting lazy.

In a post she wrote, “Hubby said I’m getting lazy 🤣 So he suggested we take a walk, I told him it could induce labor but he wasn’t hearing it (i tried) I got amped after fitting into my pre preggy body gym clothes (just smuggling a soccer ball) Don’t be deceived this tiny one is heavy!!!”

We can only imagine the thrill within the Dlamini household once they caught a glimpse of her pregnant because, maybe a bit like the remainder folks, she couldn’t travel home thanks to the lockdown restrictions.

The TV presenter debuted her baby bump on social media. Minnie posted an image of her on Instagram, wearing a standard dress with beads and holding her baby bump.

Minnie said her pregnancy may be a blessing to her family following the death of her brother Khosini Dlamini, who died after affected by a brain aneurysm.

In a sweet post, she wrote “Starting a family with you Mr. Jones may be a dream come true and that I couldn’t have chosen a far better man to be the daddy of our child. Our family has suffered such a painful loss, however, God has proven to us that with death, comes new life and that we welcome this miracle wholeheartedly, Happy Birthday my love we’re having a baby. Best Bday presents ever, I do know lol.”
Minnie Dlamini is happy to see her parents again
The television star recently opened about the meaning behind her maternity dress.

In a post, she wrote “I had numerous ideas of how I wanted to reveal my pregnancy and as was common I used to be trying to find something that hadn’t be done before. In an effort to pay reference to my culture, I did some research on how a Zulu pregnant woman seemed like back within the day. Our culture is so rich with amazing clothing, patterns, colors, and styles, all of which have symbolic meaning. for instance, the hat a lady wears symbolizes that she may be a wife,” she wrote.