Moana is happy with her father’s victory and he has taken all his rights

Moana is happy with her father’s victory and he has taken all his rights

Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Amuli will finally be buried during a ceremony lead by her father Ishmael Amuli.

Moana is happy with her father's victory and he has taken all his rights

This was revealed by Zimbabwe Daily News which reports that Moana’s father has won the case between him and therefore the mother of his daughter Moana. each side of Moana’s family are engaged during a tug of war and haven’t been seeing eye to eye in terms of how and when to bury their late daughter.

High Court judge, Justice Pisirai Kwenda has given Ishmael full power on how their late daughter is going to be buried. Only on terms that he consults together with her mother Kuvaoga and her family first before making any decisions.

Her mother Kuvaoga wanted to prevent her father from getting any kind of power over her as he wants her funeral to be done under his Islamic religion. this may mean that Kuvaoga as a lady, is going to be not allowed during the burial ceremony. She wants to bury her daughter at Zororo Cemetary.

Many factors have delayed Moana from being buried, like her father’s side of the family stopping the issuance of burial order because he believed that he had a right to be involved within the whole process including DNA tests that were conducted without his prior knowledge.

Also, authorities couldn’t identify her remains after her and the other 2 victims were burned within the car.

It has been weeks since her passing but he has not been buried yet. Hopefully, her soul will find an everlasting peace, and her parents finally see eye to eye.

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