Moonchild Sanelly begs for love through her songs

Moonchild Sanelly begs for love through her songs

Moonchild Sanelly has urged South Africans to return for her and help her become the primary local artist to possess a feature with American rapper Cardi B.

Moonchild Sanelly begs for love through her songs

With the country under lockdown and gigs non-existent, the blue-haired singer took matters into her own hands and begged Mzansi to assist her to fulfill what many may even see as a “far-fetched request”.

Taking to Twitter, Moonchild asked her fans and followers to assist retweet her billet-doux to the Bodak Yellow hitmaker, explaining how she’d wish to become the primary in SA to try to do a song with the rapper.

In parts of her tweet, aka “love letter”, Moonchild professed her like to Cardi, claiming Cardi would love her a bit like American singer Beyoncé does.

For reference on who she was, Moonchild also threw during a tweet about how she also met Cardi’s manager at Coachella back in 2019.

Cardi wouldn’t be the primary international artist to feature Moonchild during a song. In 2019, Moonchild and Busiswa’s wildest dreams were fulfilled as they need to work with Beyoncé.

The pair worked with Beyoncé during a song titled My Power, on Bey’s official tracklist for her curated The Lion King soundtrack, The Gift
When the news first broke out that she and Busiswa were a neighborhood of Bey’s musical project, Moonchild took a flash to precise her gratitude at seeing her dream come to life and the way, after many rejections, she had had the victory.

“I haven’t any words to elucidate and express my gratitude for being one among the chosen ones for The Lion King soundtrack by my ultimate favorite artist within the world, Beyoncé, y’all.
Moonchild Sanelly begs for love through her songs
“Anyone who knows me or Google’s interviews has heard me say at some point I’ll work with the Queen! They laughed … look who got the victory now! Dreams come true and the zip is impossible,” Moonchild said.

The Rabbi singer also thanked Busiswa, her long-time bestie, for all her encouraging words and constant validation of her dreams.

“Busiswa, thank you. You said to me after numerous years that that was getting to change my life, and it’s changing with you in it as my actual ally for life!”

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