Moshe And Phelo begin their relationship via Instagram

Moshe And Phelo begin their relationship via Instagram

Phelo Bala and Moshe Niki became the talk about the town lately. This follows their relationship drama and with Phelo promising the masses that they’re going to rekindle their love again.

Moshe And Phelo begin their relationship via Instagram

The couple who were once engaged recently headed for splitsville, after Moshe was allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand and left him with a bleeding gash. Following their breakup, it seems they need to be buried the hatchet as they’re now consuming each other’s content on Instagram.

This after the high-profile celebs recently deleted pics of every other off their respective Instagram accounts and unfollowed one another, proving that trouble is indeed in paradise.

Proving that they could have rekindled their love because the social media streets speculate, Moshe and Niki now follow one another on the platform but they’re keeping things low-key as they are doing not comment nor like each other’s posts.

The former lovebirds of we may say, have everyone playing a game on whether or not they back with one another. This follows after Phelo has been posting pics of Moshe and pleaded with the masses to beg him to kiss and structure with him.

Phelo recently released a replacement single titled ‘Andisafuni’ and it got tongues wagging. The musician used the song to spill the tea with regards to their much talked about the breakup.

“This isn’t what I had signed up for, trust me I might preferably be alone let’s make it clear Anneke mina ngihale nominate ongiphatha to ingather Anneke thole commune,” sings Phelo within the opening.

Recently, Phelo posted another picture and captioned it, “Not abandoning anytime soon…I will get him and our love back.” Many shared Moshe’s timeless memes and hailed him for his alleged publicity stunt to market his single.

In a statement, Moshe released in July on social media to clear his name following the abuse allegations. The television star denied claims that he assaulted Phelo and said the angle the Sunday World took to write down the article which broke the news about their abuse drama, was aimed toward humiliating him and was in extension of the abuse he had already endured.
Moshe And Phelo begin their relationship via Instagram
“These are matters of a personal nature and that I am advised because there are court proceedings I cannot reveal anything, however at this times, I might wish to state that I even have no way abused Phelo and that I have proof to the present effect,” reads the statement.
The statement came after Phelo allegedly obtained an interim writ against Moshe. In his court papers, Moshe claimed that over the past few months their relationship had become very toxic with Phelo assaulting him on several occasions. He claimed that Phelo had a drinking problem, and always starts fights after having an excessive amount of booze.