Mpho talks about Somizi ‘how impressive the food there was

Mpho talks about Somizi ‘how impressive the food there was

Dinner At Somizi has become one of our most-loved television shows despite all the controversies related to it.

Mpho talks about Somizi 'how impressive the food there was

Each episode sees a well-liked celebrity join SomG at his fancy house for a few dinners.

From the instant they begin preparing the meal up until it’s chow down, Som G asks his guest’s juicy questions that reveal important things we didn’t realize the guest celeb.

Last week Friday’s episode saw comedian Mpho Popps join the Idols SA judge in his home. During their conversation, Mpho revealed that his favorite meal growing up was Spaghetti and mince. But now Lamb stew has become his new favorite meal

Why He Chose to try to Comedy
You know sometimes go you thru life trying to fight the thing that’s actually inside you. I always knew that I used to be funny but I never thought of it as a career. I never thought that you simply can actually make money doing comedy. I didn’t even know that get up existed until my sister took me to observe Trevor Noah in 2009 in Gold Reef. I sat within the audience and that I was like: I feel I can do that thing.

I studied logistics management in varsity. Only because I wanted something that might make me money. But after I discovered comedy I knew I had found my passion.

Comedy Is His Therapy
“Sometimes we as men find it very hard to open up about the problems that are really troubling us. We struggle to even up to our partners and our closest friends. For me, the stage has allowed me the ability to affect whatever is bothering me. He gonna go tuba Pelo mo staging.”

Comedians He Can’t Stand
“To our surprise, Mpho said that Skhumba looks at him and sees what he could become. He also jokingly said that Skhumba possesses the jokes but zero looks.”