Mzansi encourages Java for its outstanding performance

Mzansi encourages Java for its outstanding performance

BET-award winning artist Sjava has the social media streets talking after he shared an image from his recent performance.

Mzansi encourages Java for its outstanding performance

The musician was recently billed to headline an exclusive performance at Propaganda, in Pretoria, while it remains unclear on whether many were left mesmerized by his performance, his social media snap is telling a special story.

Sjava took to Twitter to share an image of the gang and thanked everyone who attended, “Thank you to everyone that came through izolo in Pretoria And many thanks to Propaganda for having me it had been phenomenal I appreciate it.”

The snap of the gang has left many of his fans in stitches. this is often after most of the people that were captured in it look stunned, especially two ladies who are within the front row.

Tweeps are zooming into their faces and one could reckon that they were shocked or perhaps he was singing an emotional song. Fans took to the comments section asking him why most look shocked and particularly the 2 ladies?

Sjava’s career has not been a smooth-sailing one recently, since he was embroiled in an alleged rape scandal. This follows after her ex-girlfriend Lady Zamar opened a case of rape against him, for an event which allegedly happened back in 2017.

In a statement, he recently released Sjava denied raping her, and apologized for the hurt he has caused.

“The reason for doing this video is because I would like to clear the air on the continued rumors and speculations with everything happening in my life. the rationale I even have been silent was because we aren’t allowed to talk about it because it is an ongoing case,” he said.

Sjava said Lady Zamar knew at the time they were dating that he had a girlfriend, and said she then started being jealous
Mzansi encourages Java for its outstanding performance
“When we started dating in 2017 I told her I even have a girlfriend and she or he understood that so we continued our relationship. However, as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to chose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship tons happened that left her unhappy as I used to be well invested in my music and neglecting her within the process,” he said.”

Lady Zamar also shared her side of the story and said he raped her. Sjava recently bagged a task on Uzalo, but the assembly was forced to drop him thanks to the allegations leveled against him.