Nadia Nakai declares war on the men of the south

Nadia Nakai declares war on the men of the south

South African-Zimbabwean rapper, Nadia Nakai, is amongst the thousands of girls who are uninterested in the manipulation of men, such a lot so, that she felt the necessity to require it to the Twitter streets.

Nadia Nakai declares war on the men of the south

The musician’s anger began on Wednesday night, when she tweeted, “Some people are really evil Psychos!!!!! Tryna stand back from all the negative ish! Cos wow 2020 has been hectic on myself and my people.” Although she didn’t immediately elaborate on what went down, on Thursday, it seemed like things had gotten worse.

Nadia tweeted, “Narcissists are really amazing at acting like they did nothing wrong… wow… it’s to be a sort of mental disease I swear. I feel it also can be linked to a person’s self-worth, at heart they know they really ain’t worth shit.” She still maintained her discreetness but made mention of her friend who had proven her point that South African men still poorly treat women.

She went on to state, “Hai, South African I are sooooooo hectic! My girl was telling me about her ex attacking her and coitus interruptus her braids at a club, even tho that they had choppy and he was even there together with his current girlfriend! Like Psycho perhaps. More often than not they serious mental Abusers as well! Telling you all types of shit! Then you wonder why you couldn’t walk off years ago! Honestly, I wish they’d all just kick the bucket .”

Fans began to wonder if her friend’s story had struck a nerve together with her because she had skilled an equivalent situation. As many of us offered her advice on the way to block out the negativity, Bragga explained that it’s been made difficult to try to do so because the person in question has been contacting her friends and family without her permission.

“Sometimes is tough once they still contact your family and friends like they didn’t do shit wrong! So like after f*cking you up! He still gonna contact your confidants and cause you to feel even less of a human! When all you would like is for them to go away you the F alone! Yoh! Women are going thru tons in SA!!!!! Like how are you even alleged to Recognise an honest man when you’ve just been served shit?”.

Fans were still confused if she was talking about herself or if she was enraged about someone on the brink of her undergoing mental and physical abuse from a devotee. Lebohang Mayn asked, “Nadia who’s that? I’ll organize a gang and we’ll solve him real quick, can’t be this stressed Queen.”, to which Nadia clarified with, “I’m stressed coz there’s to several people I do know that go thru this shit and desire they have to stay quiet cos of the mental manipulation… not all folks have Gangs to sort people out…”.

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