Nakhane Toure has a craving for all new things on his 33rd birthday

Nakhane Toure has a craving for all new things on his 33rd birthday

South African singer, songwriter, actor, and novelist Nakhane Mahlakahlaka, born as Nakhane Lubabalo Mavuso on 3 February 1988, turns 33 today.

Nakhane Toure has a craving for all new things on his 33rd birthday

When he was 19, a guitar gifted to him by his aunt got him into writing songs and performing in open-mic clubs. He soon got signed and commenced calling himself Nakhane Touré in honor of the Malian musician Ali Farka Touré and also as a tribute to pan-Africanism.

Though Nakhane Toure grew up during a Christian community in Port Elizabeth, at 15 he moved to Johannesburg and renounced the church. In 2013, he declared and commenced celebrating his queerness together with his debut album Brave Confusion.

As he celebrates his birthday today, allow us to take a glance at how he made news the past year.

Nakhane’s pleased with the country’s progress

Nakhane Toure was at Woolworths to buy a pleated black skirt. He spoke of the openness the worker at Woolworths showed when he declared what he identified as.

The singer took to social media to share his experience:

“I was at Woolworths trying to find my size. I found what seemed like my size and made my thanks to the fitting rooms. the woman managing it checked out me – I used to be dressed quite masc – and said (slightly wincing), “I’m sorry, but you’ve got to travel to the men’s section.” I replied, “Aaah, but sisi, I’m non-binary mos.” With a second’s thought, she said,” I’m so sorry. Please enter .”

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The world celebrates Nakhane

He stepped into controversy and important commendation when he starred in John Trengove’s 2017 feature Inxeba (The Wound). Nakhane Toure relocated to London to record and release his autobiographical album – you’ll Not Die – in 2018.

Nakhane’s work was supported by Elton John, who included Nakhane’s music to be a part of his hour-long Beats 1 radio show.

Popstar Madonna mentioned Nakhane together of her two favorite artists and claimed that his music influenced her 2019 album, Madame X.

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Of music and books

Disenchanted with the legitimacy of folk music, Nakhane began to gravitate towards electronic music. After his 2015 club hit, “We Dance Again”, with house DJ Black Coffee, he started performing on his second album.

As he approached his 30s, with new-found freedom and identity, he dropped his stage surname Touré.

Nakhane wrote his debut novel Piggy Boy’s Blues in 2015. The story was about a few Xhosa royalty set in his hometowns of Alice and Port Elizabeth. Piggy Boy’s Blues was nominated for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize and therefore the Etisalat Prize for Fiction.

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