Naledi Willers thanks God for her survival from the pernicious disease

Naledi Willers thanks God for her survival from the pernicious disease

Reality television star Naledi Willers has shared her story of how she beat carcinoma.

Naledi Willers thanks God for her survival from the pernicious disease

The brave Real Housewives Of Johannesburg star revealed in two lengthy Instagram posts how she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative carcinoma last year November 29. This life-changing news came at a time when she wrote her last exam for her academic degree.

We have just celebrated yet one more carcinoma Awareness month which ended last month on the 31st. She first announced the news of her diagnosis by saying, “If I appear as if I’ve just been through a war, it’s because I even have .”

“The world buckled down and braced for the impact of COVID-19 while every day I used to be terrified that an encounter with the virus while on chemotherapy could end in my death thanks to my compromised system . in fact the lockdown also offered me shelter to travel through all I even have and still am browsing out of the general public eye… life is what you create it and that we choose the way to check out things. this is often how I chose to seem at my reality,” said the truth television star.

She has decided to become the “voice of awareness” following the battle she was in, of which she came out victorious. Naledi gave a young shout bent the people that supported her throughout this difficult time.

“In this message, I cannot fail to say those that have held me up both physically and emotionally through this time: @blackbarbielish for opening her home, heart, and family to myself and my mother. For never leaving my side. @onealafrica for being quite any label can ever encompass since we met twelve years ago… but my brother and ally through it all.”

Ending her message she called herself a legend! “My name is Naledi Willers. carcinoma survivor among such a lot else. except, for now, you’ll call me LEGEND.”

Naledi has taken the time to thank people for his or her support and messages of encouragement. She also advised women who are browsing or went through what she went through to carry their heads up high.
Naledi Willers thanks God for her survival from the pernicious disease
“It’s been such a humbling experience to receive such a positive response to what has been my life’s biggest test so far. To my personal friends and people with whom I only get to interact on this platform alike: many thanks. you’ve got all breathed strength into my soul.

“To other women silently judging themselves for hurting about this while browsing or after treatment: you’re not crazy or ungrateful simply because this happens as a result of life-saving interventions. You need to feel and appear your best and more importantly sort of a woman, and whole. It’s okay to yearn for your version of normal… it’s in small details like that that we discover comfort and when they’re removed on top of everything else it is easy to lose resolve,” concluded Naledi.

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