Nay Maps: Grief Controls My Life I lost the three best people in my life in a short time

Nay Maps: Grief Controls My Life I lost the three best people in my life in a short time

The year definitely started off on a really sad note for actor Nay Maps as he lost both his grandparents.

Nay Maps: Grief Controls My Life I lost the three best people in my life in a short time

The star first lost his grandfather last week and he announced his passing on the 13th. Just every week later, he announced the sad passing of his grandmother.

The Queen star took to social media to share once more another heart-wrenching news of his grandmother’s death. initially, he wrote a heartfelt post about his grandfather’s passing, where he laments all his greatest teachings.

“Mkhulu, You were right. You told me that folks can lie and check out to make things about you for his or their own selfish reasons but the reality shall remain… which I should never be suffering from them as I do know the reality and therefore the truth shall remain and be evident regardless of what. It saddens me to even type this as I barely recently lost my father and now you too have left us to be with him too.

“What a tragic week. But many thanks for Gifting me with Mom. many thanks for speaking life and positivity upon my life. you’ve got lived and you’ve got inspired me. I shall do so too. I honor and celebrate you. and that I will still do as you said and to uplift and encourage many through my life. I really like u Mkhulu. RIP Mkhulu – Grand Dad. #FamilyOverEverything,” he wrote.

Just as he was mourning his grandfather’s death, his grandmother decided she wanted to follow him. A heartbroken and sad Nay Maps poured his heart call at a social media post. He revealed that she gave up the ghost on the precise day he did last year,

“I do not know what’s happening…But GrandMa, It’s only been every week since GrandDad left. Now I see you made the decision to hitch him… You left the same time and same day as He did last week. many thanks for always saying and reminding me to “Keep On Keeping On.” Your famous words to me.”

“I thank God for your life and teaching me the way to Love…As painful because it is, one has been Blessed to possess had you noMkhulu as I do know not everyone has had that chance. My words to Everyone, LOVE THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE, LOVE EVERYONE you’ll the maximum amount AS you’ll. look after EVERYONE the maximum amount AS you’ll. It goes an extended way. RIP Gogo,” he wrote.

Last year the style designer also announced the sad passing of his father. Bishop Simeon Maphalala gave up the ghost on July 2020 at the age of 59. Remembering his father, Nay Maps said life isn’t an equivalent anymore seeing how he left an enormous hole in their lives.

Taking to Instagram to gush over his father, Nay Maps posted an image of him and his happy family together with his late father. He then shared another picture of the 2 of all of them suited up declaring his never-dying love for him.

“Dad I will be able to Always Love You!….. Always!….” he captioned his snap.

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