Nelli is shocked by the AKA’s reaction to the gift she brought him

Nelli is shocked by the AKA’s reaction to the gift she brought him

Just the opposite day we reported that things had gone really sour between AKA and his bae Nelli Tembe that authorities had to urge involved. Shortly after, the 2 resolved their issues and are back in each other’s arms.

Nelli is shocked by the AKA's reaction to the gift she brought him

More recently, AKA revealed the expensive gift he had received from Nelli which brought him to tears. this was the newest Playstation Console which is that the PS5. The console costs 10 thousand rands or more at selected stores and therefore the Supamega is one among the primary few South Africans to urge their hands thereon.

Mega took to his social media to point out his new console and thanked the love of his life for the gift.

Since going public with their relationship earlier this year, AKA and Neli are serving some serious PDA. His mom has already approved of their relationship and AKA has introduced Nelli to his daughter Kairo. the 2 recently had their first bonding session.

To our surprise, days after meeting Kairo it had been reported that the couple got into a significant fight in their Bryanston home. consistent with City Press this was sparked by cheating rumors in their relationship. The fight was so bad that the authorities had to intervene. A source on the scene claimed that Nelli was uninterested in AKA’s ways and wanted to maneuver out.

“When the police need to the house, they were still fighting and her bags were packed. She told the police that she was uninterested in his behavior and was leaving [him]. She told them that she was getting to book herself into a hotel and stay there before going [back] home,”

It was reported that the 2 even wanted to get physical assault charges against each other.

“They both threatened to get charges against one another, but within the end, they didn’t. They even called their respective lawyers who became mediators before leaving with their respective clients, After an extended discussion and therefore the realization that they’re not opening cases against one another, the 2 were told to travel. But emotions were still running high. Nelly, who had left the house with all her bags, got into her lawyer’s car and left,”

However, it appears that they’ve sorted out their differences and are happily crazy again.

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