Nomsa Buthelezi: details how she fell in love for the first time

Nomsa Buthelezi: details how she fell in love for the first time

The former Our Perfect Wedding presenter got her perfect wedding and is celebrating that milestone.

Nomsa Buthelezi: details how she fell in love for the first time

A year ago Nomsa Buthelezi a.k.a ‘Gomorrah Diva’ and her partner Zandile Shezi tied the knot in an intimate traditional ceremony.

The presenter and her physiotherapist wife posted a video where they went thorough about their relationship saying it had been love initially sight. Their affair was an extended distance relationship with Zandile having resided in Ladysmith and Nomsa in Johannesburg. once they met that they had other partners but ended things once they found one another.

“We got married last year on 28 September. We met in Mpumalanga at Riah and Simphiwe’s wedding and it had been my first gay wedding. once I saw Zandile, I told my makeup artist there’s my type. Then Zandile also noticed me. Then her ally ran towards our bus and began greeting and kissing me on the cheek,” explained Nomsa.

Having to juggle work and her relationship also as her kids, Nomsa said everything that happened, was a miracle and life-changing.

“After the ceremony, Zandile asked us to hitch them for the reception. I went back to satisfy her and her friends. Sometimes I become sad because I’ve to go away my kids but I taught them to be strong. I used to be also browsing things and that I feel God knew what I wanted and that I didn’t concentrate. Things happened sort of a miracle and my life changed. There was something different about her. “But I used to be also very scared due to past relationships,” said the presenter.

She spoke about how she never believed Zandile when she proposed. Zandile also revealed that the lobola negotiations were off to a rocky start but at the top things figured out for the simplest.

“But after meeting Zandile, she also didn’t call me because she was frightened of rejection. I then called one among her friends and asked her to pass my greetings to her. From there we started communicating. I assumed she was joking. But when she actually proposed I used to be at work and she or he told me she would send her family reception. I used to be shocked but eventually told my parents. They were also shocked. In my head, I could see the Daily Sun headline. So I kept the news secret from my friends.

“I started proposing at the reception. She tried avoiding the topic but I persisted. once I proposed, she didn’t believe me until I told her to invite a go back to her father. A date for lobola negotiations was set and my team left for Joburg. initially, it had been difficult, because they were demanding a high price but my chief negotiator convinced them. Eventually, they reached footing, said Zandile.
Nomsa Buthelezi: details how she fell in love for the first time
Last year, the couple told TshisaLive that they wanted everyone who genuinely supported them at the marriage and not just anybody.

“You would think I’m focused on things like décor, food, and outfits, but I’m not. I do know exactly what I would like when it involves those sorts of elements and my wedding is going to be simple, but perfect. I’ve been more focused on ensuring that the people that are there need to be there,” she said.

Nomsa continued to reflect on the day’s people have pretended to support her relationship with Zandile.

“As a same-sex couple, we’ve had way too many of us smile with us, only to show and say nasty things about us. Or folks that pretend to be happy for us, but wish bad things for us. We don’t want such energy on our day,” she said.