Norma Mngoma shares the suffering of her children after the separation

Norma Mngoma shares the suffering of her children after the separation

Norma Mngoma has detailed her painful ordeal before her separation from husband Malusi Gigaba. during a lengthy affidavit, she speaks about how her arrest which happened at their marital home, had affected her kids because it happened ahead of them.

According to City Press, the previous minister’s wife wrote a lengthy 50-page affidavit where she denies any involvement in illegal activities.

A highlight in her statement is how all of what happened had negatively affected her children and their performance at college.
Norma Mngoma shares the suffering of her children after the separation

She was charged with malicious damage to property and crimen injura when her arrest happened in July, and her electronic gadgets were seized by the Hawks. Another starling charge was allegations that she had plotted to possess her husband killed.

Distancing herself from such charges, she simply dismissed them as fake criminal charges.

Norma says that her two sons aged seven and nine were deeply suffering from her arrest quite her.

“My two minor children were present at the house at the time of the arrest. The discussion with the Hawks happened in their presence, which was obviously traumatic for them and really insensitive on the part of the cops.

“My children were struggling at college, with teachers having called to notify me that the youngsters were upset as a result of the conflict reception and therefore the harassment by the Hawks that they had witnessed. I also had no way of accessing messages from their teachers, as during that point all my gadgets were confiscated,” she wrote.

On the fees, Norma claims that her husband Malusi had told her that he dropped the fees that he had opened however that was false. She admitted that she did damage the G-Wagon that belonged to a businessman Thapelo Tshephe.

This was the result of her anger which was caused by Malusi’s extra-marital affairs. Norma claims that Malusi has still not withdrawn the fees.

“I realized that he lied to me. actually the criminal charges he had laid against me had not been withdrawn. once I confronted him about him that, he told me there must are an error and he would be withdrawing the case that afternoon at the Brooklyn police headquarters. so far he has not done so,” she wrote.

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