Nox Gushes is proud of his marriage to Tallyn

Nox Gushes is proud of his marriage to Tallyn

Nox Guni and his wife Tallyn are going very strong despite the various hurdles they faced, including rumors of infidelity among other things.

Nox Gushes is proud of his marriage to Tallyn

The South African-based artist, Nox is running on a high from the success of career lately but he revealed who is behind the success.

Nox sets hearts aflutter with a special dedication to his wife as he professed his love for her. The artist showed off his beautiful wife Tallyn and wrote a heartfelt message directed at her. He simply called her a blessing. On his social media, Nox shared a cute picture of him and his wife Tallyn together alongside a gorgeous caption:

“God has blessed me with the simplest wife I’ve always prayed for. She’s the lady behind everything about the Nox you see today #My Melody.”

Tallyn was quick to point out her appreciation of him within the comments. She said:

“I love you, my husband. many thanks such a lot for the appreciation may God bless you on behalf of me .”

The couple has been together for a few times and despite the various challenges they faced, they got through it all. a number of the challenges they faced included: Tallyn hospitalized after an adverse reaction to medication which caused blood clots in her lungs, she was accused of cheating on Nox with Dj Mandla, Nox was at the centre of a social media storm after a person of him was leaked online by a woman he wont to entertain.

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