Ntando Duma claims that she will become a mother


Ntando Duma claims that she will become a mother

South African media personality, Ntando Duma, has come under attack from the Twitter-brigade after she shared images of herself posing during a revealing crop top.

Ntando Duma claims that she will become a mother

the pictures showed her casually posing together with her toned abs on display, reminding everyone that this mama features a body for days!

Her fans began praising her for her bodacious body with Rebecca tweeting, “Yoon how did u get it right with the flat tummy no lefura, aft birth life its unfair. a number of us 3 years later still struggling to urge obviate postpartum belly.” Ntando reassured the Tweep that each one might not be because it seems which she has worked on getting her poses right to make sure her waist looks snatched! She responded with, “There’s a touch of Lefura there on the edges. ke di right Poses ngwanyana.”

Some people seem to possess forgot that she is that the mother of a three-year-old and not a replacement born and were questioning how she was ready to look so amazing straight after parturition. Ntando had no problem remind them that it’s been a short time since she had her daughter, Sbahle Mzizi.

Whilst Ntando sifted through the various compliments, The Queen actress noticed a couple of her followers condemning her dressing a particular way despite being a mom. especially, she clapped back at a tweep who stated, “If my mom revealed skin like this we might fight a day .”, to which she promptly responded with, “I’m glad I’m not your mom. Vele angikhulisi iy’ngane ezingana Mbeko ezilwa nabazali bazo.”, which translates into English that she is glad she has not raised a toddler who is disrespectful towards their parents.

Despite the critic that has come from those that have something to mention about her dressing, Ntando has consistently been praised for her raising her toddler. In an Instagram video shared on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, the mother-daughter duo was seen practicing their daily affirmations, which are said to make a positive mindset and enable you to possess a confident attitude towards life.

Ntando was once more inundated with messages of praise from her fans and friends alike, who were blown away by Sbahle’s ability to formulate affirmations and understand the meaning behind it. Fans also complimented her on raising a girl with such important values and asked that she still do that as she grows.