Ntsiki Mazwai accuses DJ Cleo of favoring aggressors and their peers

Ntsiki Mazwai accuses DJ Cleo of favoring aggressors and their peers

Ntsiki Mazwai is back at it again, not that she actually stopped but then…

Ntsiki Mazwai accuses DJ Cleo of favoring aggressors and their peers

The controversial Twitter account has taken aim and at this point she has her sights assail DJ Cleo and his alleged affiliation with celebrity “rapists.” serial of posts, Ntsiki worked on suggesting that there was something fishy about the respected DJ and producer’s relationship with a proven rapist and former Kwaito artist, Brickz, and currently serving wife murder, coal-black Afro.

Mamiya started on her tangent when she was questioned on her post stating that she is going to always believe victims. The statement proves that anyone can change their mind. Ntsiki’s turnaround comes after the star was called out on previously victim-blaming- think Lady Zamar. In 2020 she then had to require accountability for her tweets directed to Zamar and acknowledge that she was being hurtful when she cast doubt on the allegations that she brought forward against Sjava.

Seeing that she was getting keep off from tweeps over attempting to throw the “Es’keleni” hitmaker under the bus. Ntsiki retorted by bringing receipts of when DJ Cleo visited Brickz in prison. People within the know clarified that the 2 were friends and Cleo was the primary person to sign Brickz and together produced his debut hit single, “Sweety My Baby.” But that didn’t stop Ntsiki from suggesting that visit was a “media stunt” considering that there have been cameras documenting the visit.

Ntsiki then warned DJ Cleo to take care of his affiliations because she could destroy what legacy he has. But that continued to bring other tweeps that made it clear that the producer may be a monument that Ntsiki shouldn’t be coming for due to the legacy he has created through his catalog. it had been then that Ma’miya then shifted back to that specialize in advocating for better rape evaluations.

Seeing that she had steered back on track, Ntsiki then focused on continuing her education on how people and perpetrators can do better after hearing an alleged rape victim discuss their experience. But again, it might not be a Ntsiki post if she didn’t manage to rehash and sub-personalities like DJ Fresh and his action against Penny Lebyane. we’d be reaching, but it only takes reading the tweet to place two and two together and obtain four.

DJ Cleo has not responded to the posts by Ntsiki, but all it took to know why Ntsiki was able to drag Cleo was happening on his Twitter page. The DJ posted a throwback image of him and DJ Fresh from 20 years ago with an anecdote on humble beginnings. Now, what’s the prospect that Ntsiki saw the post and said, “Ha a. Don’t you dare!” Again, we might be reaching, but…

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